Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jump the Gun: Edge of Tomorrow

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Edge of Tomorrow

(June 6, 2014)

Movie Summary: In the near future, an alien race has attacked earth and a man who has been killed in action finds himself repeating the same war over and over again.

Brunpuppies - Hmmmm, the trailer for this doesn't look bad. Kind of like Groundhog Day by way of District 9. Although Tom Cruise doesn't really have the best sci-fi record. The look of it seems really great and the concept is very interesting, it really could have some potential.  It almost seems like too much too explore in one movie.  I don't know why, but based on what I think the movie is about, I just get the feeling that a lot of the really interesting stuff is going to get glossed over in a montage.

Verdict - Wait and see the the reviews before deciding.

Kevshiro - Tom, Tom, Tom when are you going to realize that you’re just not a sci-fi hero kinda guy. Mostly everything you do is sci-fi nowadays and they’re not bringing in the audience like they used to. Also, somehow I think they'll be a surprise ending to this and my theory is that he was just a video game character the whole time.  That seems like what this movie is about.  Dying and relearning why you failed and died.  I think I’ll be passing on this one though. Maybe I’ll catch it on TV, maybe.

Verdict - TV

SolidMike - This movie looks like a mix between Elysium, District 9 and Halo, so I don’t even know how I’m suppose to feel about this film. The trailer looks interesting and Mr. “Mission Impossible” himself (Tom Cruise) is going to take another stab at the sci-fi genre, even though his last sci-fi film was a complete flop (Oblivion).

Verdict - Undecided.

DarthSomething - I'm a big sucker for anything sci-fi, and I've been waiting for the next great sci-fi movie to come out. This probably won't be it, but it seems to at least promise a lot of pretty cool sci-fi action which I always love. So as with most sci-fi movies, I'll probably give it a chance when it comes out.

Verdict - I'll see it in theaters and hope it's good.

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