Friday, June 13, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Dean T. Fraser at Springfield Punx

If you're a fan of the Simpsons and/or pop culture icons, (which if you're on this site then I assume that you are) then you're really going to love Dean T. Fraser's blog, Springfield Punx. On this site, Dean displays his illustrations of famous characters form TV, movies, video games, and comic books all drawing in a distinct "Simpsons" style.  These character designs all look like them would fit in seamlessly into any episode of the Simpsons, (well maybe not the first couple of seasons.)

Springfield Punx is typically updated a couple of times a month and it is always worth the wait to see what Dean comes up with next.  One of the great things he does is that he offers up variations of the looks of many of the characters rather than do just one set design.  If characters have had variations in their costumes over the years, he will often do some of those different versions.

If you don't see a look that you like, just put in a request, he just might get around to doing it. (I would love to see more Ninja Turtle characters and maybe the crew of Firefly!) Personally, I can't wait to see what Dean comes up with next and I hope he keeps up the blog for a long time.  Check out just a few of my favorite illustrations below and be sure to go to so see many many more awesome Simpsonized pop icons.
About Dean:Springfield Punx is a little pet project of mine. The idea of doing fan art parodying some of my favorite characters and stars in such a fun and simple style got me hooked immediately. Some of these guys and gals have appeared on the Simpsons and I could just work from that, but most I had to do from scratch. Check back often for new Punx!


  1. Wow! I wanted to see every movie/TV/comic character in this style!

  2. Hey you, can you send me the originals vector? Tnk!