Monday, June 9, 2014

Awaiting Doctor Who Season 8

With a new season of Doctor Who approaching (Aug. 2014) and a new face as The Doctor I think its time to discuss Regeneration and it what it means to the fans and the show. While I'm sad to see Matt Smith go and will miss his bow ties, love of great head wear (who doesn't love a fez?), and overall floppy interpretation of the Doctor, I cant wait to see what Peter Capaldi brings to the role. Every regeneration is tough and brings cries from the fandom about hating change and how this, new, young, old, or whatever the adjective, actor, is not and can not be the Doctor. To those upset fans I say embrace it,  for one thing you can't change it, and for another it's one of the amazing things about the show. Without the Time Lord's ability to evade death the series would have ended with the First Doctor, William Hartnell, in 1966. I for one kind of like the change and look forward to the new life that is brought to the show whenever we get a new reincarnation. For the new Whovians out there I say be brave and know that your first regeneration is alway the hardest, and yes your first Doctor will always be your Doctor and thats ok and no one can take that from you. 

One of the big lessons you can take from Doctor Who is that things change and life goes on. While we as humans can't stave off death by changing our face, we can remember that life is a constantly moving, ever changing thing that we can't really control and that’s ok. Understand that new things are interesting, fun and always bring a new challenge, forcing us to grow and better ourselves. Trust me I know change can be scary but we can always count on the Doctor to bring us to great places, meet fascinating "people", and defend humanity, all while being entertaining.

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor was almost love at first sight, for me. When his first episode "The Eleventh Hour" aired I watched with held breath unsure of how I would feel. After losing David Tennant, (I didn't want him to go) I was nervous and afraid that this young bouncy kid would ruin the deep old soul, with amazing compassion and great hair that Tennant had given us. But Smith did not disappoint. He brought spunk and new life to the character but held on to the pain and turmoil that the Doctor has beneath his surface. With him the Eleventh Doctor brought Amy, Rory, the every twisting story that is River Song, and Clara (The Impossible Girl). Now I'll admit that Clara is not my favorite companion (but that’s a story for another day) but she gave the Doctor a run for his money and a new dynamic was created between the two characters.

In the episode "The Name of the Doctor" Clara's mystery is solved and I'm curious as to how that is going to affect the relationship between the Doctor and his companion, especially since he is kind of a new person. I am also curious to see if the writers with address the fact that we have seen Capaldi on the show before in "The Fires of Pompeii." The show is used to this problem, Martha had a cousin in the Battle at Cannery Wharf in episode "Army of Ghosts", Gwen had a ancestor in London 1869 episode "The Unquiet Dead", and Karen Gillan was also in "The Fires of Pompeii" though that was never explained. But we have never seen the Doctor before he was the Doctor. I really hope Moffat has a good explanation and doesn't just ignore it altogether.

Awaiting Capaldi's first episode I feel excited, nervous, and happy that this great show is still around for us to enjoy.  So until the day that Doctor Who is new and on my TV screen again I am going to relive the stories of his past. Being the compulsive Whovian I am, I plan on watching the whole series again (that is starting from Eccleston in 2005) before the new Season begins. I can't wait to travel through space and time once more in the TARDIS with the Doctor. Hope you will be joining us on our new adventure.



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