Monday, June 9, 2014

Hobby Link Japan has an Exclusive White Optimus Prime Pen!

The good people at Hobby Link Japan have an exclusive Optimus Prime (or Ultra Magnas) pen sold only at their site.  This version of Optimus Prime doesn't turn into his normal Mack truck self but into a pen to display show off your geekiness to all.  Don't worry, I will be doing the same too.  You can order it here from their site.  - Kevshiro

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Here's some more info about the pen from HLJ's site:
When one of the most iconic of all Transformers meets the engineering genius of Sentinel Co., Ltd., the result is a brilliant transforming item available only at HobbyLink Japan: this white Transformer Ultra Magnus Pen! Exquisitely proportioned and fully posable in 10.5cm-high robot mode, Ultra Magnus transforms into a stylin' fistful of a 14.3cm-long pen that's both able to write and ready to infiltrate your office or school desk! This HLJ exclusive is heading your way in October--and watch for the regular Convoy and Black Convoy versions, too!

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