Thursday, June 26, 2014

Introducing the LEGO cast of Star Wars: Episode VII

I was a just a couple of months a go when the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII was announce.  Along with the announcement came this black and white photo of the primary cast doing their first script reading together:

Now Lego has recreated that photo in Lego form, to announce that they are gearing up to start designing sets for the new movie.  They took some liberties and put the original cast in some of their costume from the original trilogy. His is the image and what they had to say:

You've met the actors, now meet the Minifigure cast of Star Wars Episode VII!
It is both thrilling and surreal to start building in a couple of weeks, and we look forward to bringing this new world to life, once again (in 1/48 scale)!

If you want to read more about what the contributors of HiddenLevel had to say after that original announcement, CLICK HERE.


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