Sunday, June 1, 2014

Legoland Boston Review: Why would I want an annual pass?

I recently went to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston with my wife and 2 year old daughter (you can't go without a child just in case you're wondering unless you go to one of their adults only events) and I have to say the experience wasn't as awesome as I'd thought it'd be.  To be fair though, we missed out on a few attractions on our first visit, two were because of height restrictions (Merlin's Apprentice and Kingdom Quest require riders to be at least 36" to ride) and we also missed the Lego Factory tour as it wasn't mentioned to us how to see it.

We purchased our tickets online which, basically, gets you a time to stand in line outside in the windy cold.  We found out you can get around standing outside though just by lying to the gate person and saying, "yes my time is *say whatever the time is before your actual purchased time".  The reason why I say to lie is because there's a line to wait inside as well and by the time you actually get to the front and get your tickets, it's already your original purchased time anyway.

Once you all go through the giant Legoman outline, you have your picture taken with a green screen background. You take multiple pics that way you can choose from a variety of Lego backgrounds. You're then taken to the second floor of the building and come into the coolest part of the whole Lego experience. The Miniland of Boston. It's really wicked cool how they remade all of the Classic Boston landmarks out of Lego. Everything is there from Cheers, to Logan Airport, to Fenway Park!  The other cool thing is that very couple of minutes the while place darkens and it turns into Boston at night. Like I said, wicked cool.

Now what you should do is turn to your right and go back down the hall to the laser ride, which we didn't notice as we went out into the main room thinking the whole time that that ride wasn't built yet. So our whole experience was in this main room, which when looking at he map, we thought would be quite bigger. Maybe to a kid it's huge but to an adult, it's kinda small.  We spent some time in the Duplo area, which just had some blocks, a small slide, and a couple of plastic animals but to a 2 year old, that's really nothing.

We made our way to the racing area where I showed my daughter how to build her own race car. Kinda. It took so long to dig through the parts that she lost interest and walked away leaving me with a bunch of older kids saying how cool my race car looked (it wasn't cool at all, it just had big wheels).  My daughter really just wanted to spend her time at the Fire Academy play gym which is meant to look like a giant Firehouse. They have large foam Lego bricks that you could connect together, a giant wrecking ball (which my daughter did her best impression of Mylie Cyrus with clothes on), and a huge climbing area with a tunnel slide once you get to the top. The only problem with this is that they don't allow adults in there. Meaning if your kid gets stuck, like mine did, you have to ask one of the Lego employees to go and get her. Which by get her, means trying to convince a 2 year old to come out of a play area by talking to them because the Lego staff can't touch them. 

The 4D movie was ok. They have a few different ones but since my daughter wasn't a fan of sticking 3d glasses on, we didn't see he rest of the films. The one we saw was Clutch Powers and the Lego Racers, which had some really great with 3D effects, so much so I actually felt a little sick because of all the spinning on screen. But somehow we sat in the only area that didn't have the extra effects, like water and smell. That's the whole 4d experience.  Next time Lego, could you mark it so people know not to sit there if they didn't want to get into the 4D movie experience?

Now onto the food. Sandwiches. That's it. No pizza, Lego burgers, or anything cooked. Just cold sandwiches, some Shaws muffins (I know a Shaws muffin when I see one Legoland) and some other health food items. Now I like heathy items AS A CHOICE. Not as my only option of a meal. Give me some good junk food. At least do some Sicilian pizza, it's square shaped. It works perfect!
So overall, the whole experience was just so so. I was hoping for everything is awesome but just got kragled. So go once, as the whole mini city is a really cool experience but don't get the season pass, unless you have a bunch of nephews or nieces that live out of state that you know will be visiting at some points trough the year.  - Kevshiro


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