Friday, June 20, 2014

Mazinger Metal Action No. 03: Jet Pilder

One of the things I always loved as a kid about the old Mazinger cartoon was the fact that the main pilot got to ride around on a sweet looking jet/flying car type thing. Not only that, but when a situation arose where he needed a big, fist-firing robot to take care of business, he would just land that bad boy right in the robot's head and be in total control. I vowed that if I one day found myself super-rich, I would make my helicopter landing pad look like the head of a Mazinger.

That's probably never going to happen.

This diecast statue/toy/model looks to be a nice looking, less expensive alternative.  It comes out in October 2014 and has a price tag of $129.99USD. The set includes; the pilot in the jet, the Mazinger head, and an effect parts set.  Preorders are available now at BigBadToyStore.
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