Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mecha Nations Megatron and Black Convoy

This very cool looking Transformers Mecha Nations Megatron is available for preorder right now. There is also a Mecha Nations Black Convoy (Nemesis Prime) available. I really love the design of the Megatron, it looks like the classic 80's version. The price for these however is WAY out of my price range at arond $139.99 each for 7" tall figures, but it's still cool to look at. The light-up features for both really look outstanding. Unfortunately they do not transform.

Megatron Product Description
Just like all Mecha Nations super deformed figures, Megatron features light up eyes and also light up arm cannon was well as two different facial expressions. Check out the evil Decepticon leader in all his super deformed glory.


- Material: ABS/PVC
- Height: 18 cm
- Coated with metal finishing
- LED lights up eyes, Deceptacon shield
- Megatron’s signature weapon, Fusion Cannon, spins and light up feature.
- Fully posable
- Detail sculpture

Special accessories:

- Number of hands: 6
- Number of facial expression: 2
- Fusion Cannon
- Energon Mace
- Metal finishing stand base with Deceptacon shield logo

(Click on images to enlarge.)

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