Monday, June 23, 2014

New Mickey Toons With a Whole New Look

Mickey is sporting an all new look, speaks Portugese in one special Soccer (not football) cartoon, and looks like it has been drawn in the styling of Ren and Stimpy (at least that's what it looks like to me).

The animators at Disney have brought Mickey into the 21st century with more relevant adventures.  For instance, in the cartoon Cable Car Chaos Mickey and Minny travel to San Francisco to eat Dim Sum (pretty sure the old Mickey wouldn't have done that) and in Tokyo Go Mickey boards the wrong bullet train and has to fight his way to the other train... literally.  At one point he fights a fat man who turns into a sumo on the train with sushi still stuck in his teeth, nothing racists about that.

One of my personal favorites though is The Adorable Couple where Mickey and Minny see Donald and Daisy fighting on a park bench and Mickey has to take a hit of jelly beans to make himself happy again because Donald and Daisy are hurting him with their arguing.  Oh boy.  These new videos are definitely good for a few laughs though so check out some more on - Kevshiro

O Futebol Classico on Disney Video

The 2 below remind me the most of a crazy Ren and Stimpy Cartoon.

Third Wheel on Disney Video
Fire Escape on Disney Video


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