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Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Slash Action Figure Review

Almost all major superheroes have evil counterparts; Superman has Bizarro, Spider-Man has Venom, Flash has Reverse Flash, Captain Marvel (Shazam) has Black Adam, etc., the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are no different.

They have Slash.

As a kid, Slash was on of my favorite villains from the old cartoon. I loved that there was an evil turtle that was on Shredder's side. I was really excited when I got the action figure from the original line, but was soon disappointed when I saw that he was much smaller than the other Turtles.

Somethings never change.

Here we are some 25 years later and Slash is still one of my favorite TMNT foes. I love what both the IDW comics and the Nicktoons animated series are doing with the Slash, even though both have a very different take on the character. I was thrilled when a new figure was announced to go with the cartoon.

I was better off with the old figure I already have.

Prototype Slash shown above.
Package:  This is the same package that all the Nickelodeon TMNT figures from Playmates have had. (Yep, that should clue you in right away that there is going to be a size restriction on this figure.) The card is very bright and eye catching and is easy to spot in the toy aisles. The back of the card shows off all the characters that have been release so far (just not every version of each character). There is also the file card seen in the intro of this review, that you can clip out and keep for your records or whatever you want to do with it.

As usual for this type of package, it's not very collector friendly. Once you open it, you're most likely going to want to trash it because it don't have much reuse potential.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Sculpt:  The figure, for the most part, is sculpted to look the way he does on the cartoon.  All the wraps, spikes, texture of the skin, and details of the shell are there. There's a spike on is left shoulder that looks out of place. I seems like a peg more than a spike. I'm not sure if anything was meant to go there at some point.

Something about the look of the head just looks really unimpressive. The proportions are all correct, so it's not the size of the head I have a problem with.  It's the size of the whole figure.  Which brings us to the next category...

Verdict: 6/10

Scale:  I completely hate the scale on this toy line. Every figure is made 4 to 5 inches tall regardless of how tall they should be in relation to one another.  All that seems to matter is that the figure fits in the same size packaging as all the others. The biggest issue seems to be with the villains.  On the show, many of them are much bigger than the Turtles.  Snakeweed and Baxter Stockman in his mecha-suit should both tower over the Turtles and be at least twice their height. Instead the figures are barely any bigger than the Heroes in a Halfshell.

Here's how Slash looks next Raphael:
Why the heck is he shorter than Raph?! On the show, Slash is over 7 feet tall and Ralph maybe 5 feet.  Here is how they should look next to one another:
On the plus side, many of the villains and Leatherhead are in scale to one another since they are all undersize.  That's just fine if you want to display half your turtle figures completely separately from one another.

Verdict: 2/10

Paint:  The paint on this figure isn't terrible, for instance, the eyes are painted on very well. There are, however, a quite few things that do annoy my about the paint. His finger nails and most of the spikes on his body are completely unpainted except 3 random ones on his left shoulder. (The promo image next to the package picture up top shows them all painted.) Some of the wraps are only painted half way around, leaving the rest the same color as his skin. His toe claws are just painted the same color as the wraps on his feet. The edge of his shell is also painted the same color. I am not a fan of missed paint apps and limited color variety.

Verdict: 4/10

Articulation:  The articulation on this figure really needed to be at least as good as what's on the other Turtles, but it's not. Here is what you he has:

  • Swivel head
  • Hinge and swivel shoulders
  • Hinge and swivel elbows
  • Hinge and swivel hips

That's all you get. No knee or wrist joints or ball-jointed head. The fact that the legs are in a pre-posed position also limits just how useful the leg articulation can be. It's really disappointing that other than the four turtles, the articulation has been poor for this "action" figure line.

Verdict: 5/10

Accessories:  The file card mentions Slash's weapons as being a spiked mace, knife, and bladed hand guards. Two of those are completely ignored for this figure. You only get a mace.

The mace is fairly accurate to the look of the weapon on the show except the ends of the spikes are completely flat instead of pointy.  I understand not wanting to have pointy objects for kids to play with, but it would have looked much better (and still would have been safe), if the ends were just slightly rounded.

I do have one other issue with the mace that's pretty major. It's cast in the same color as Slash. That means his weapon is the same color as his skin.  Not only that, the head of the mace is painted the same color as his clothing and shell edge. So what you have is a metal weapon that has the same look as cloth and skin.  It just looks strange.

Verdict: 4/10

Quality Control:  Other than my issues with the paint, I have no problems with the construction of this toy. It's pretty sturdy and should hold up to a child playing with it.

Verdict: 8/10

Overall:  If this was the figure we got for a 3-3/7" scale line of Turtle figure, I would be fine with it. The problem is that it's not. This is meant to go along with a line of 5" scale figures. Slash looks completely out of place. The look, scale, and articulation just aren't up to par with the other Turtles. Instead of a fearsome rival we get a a pinheaded disappointment.

Hopefully the character will prove to be popular enough that someday Playmates will back a better, deluxe version of Slash.

Final Verdict: 4/10

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