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Warrior Claw Wolverine Action Figure Review

The last few X-Men movies haven't had a whole lot of support in the toy aisles. For First Class, Days of Future Past, and The Wolverine, if you wanted any figures based on a character from one of those movies  your only real option was a few sets of different sets of Minimates. I have nothing against Minimates, in fact I'm a fan and collector of them, it's just that they have a bit of a limited audience.  If you're a collector of Marvel's 4" or 6" lines, you're almost totally out of luck.  Of the three movies I named, The Wolverine seemed to get at least a little toy support.  Unfortunately the toys where based on the comics, not the movies, and they weren't very good.

Product Description
Bad guys are in season, and Warrior Claw WOLVERINE is on the prowl! The heroic hunter of evil uses his heightened senses to track his targets. Once he's on the trail, there's no stopping him. His indestructible claws can slice through whatever gets in his way!
Today's review is of Warrior Claw Wolverine from Hasbro. It is one of the 4" figures that was released around the same time as The Wolverine movie. In this line there were also three other figures, Hero Blade Logan, Shadow Strike Ninja, and the Silver Samurai. There were also some other role-play items and some 10"-12" figures of Wolverine released at the time, but this was it for 4" figures.

Why am I reviewing this now, almost a year after their initial release?  Because it was dirt cheap and seems to be available in every clearance section or discount store I come across. Another reason is because I always get a chance to review super-articulated "collector" oriented action figures, but never any of the low-articulated "kid friendly" figures that seem to be more and more common.  For a while, toys seemed like they where being made with both older collectors and young children in mind.  Now the divide seems more and more apparent. For instance, a market that once had 4" well-articulated Star Wars figures that both Adults and children could enjoy, now has the Star Wars Black line for collectors and Star Wars Mission Series for kids.

Package:  I really like the graphics and the look of the card on this package.  It's really eye catching and leaves no question as to who is the star of this line.  The back of the card is a little strange because it shows some Wolverine role-play items rather than the other figures in the series. This package isn't really collector friendly because there is no easy way of opening it without damaging the cardback.
Verdict: 5/10

Sculpt:  Spoiler Warning - This section is the one highlight of the entire figure.  The sculpt of this figure isn't bad at all.  I like it more than most Wolverine figures I've seen in this size.  It has a lot to do with that fact that it is uninterrupted by excessive joints.  The figure is a very good representation of how he looks in the comics.
Verdict: 8/10
Scale:  Okay, I lied, he doesn't do so bad in this section either. This Wolverine's scale seems to be pretty accurate when compared to other 3-3/4"and 4" figures.  He is a little shorter than many other figures, but the comic character is meant to be short (about 5'-3") not tall like Hugh Jackman (6'-2").
Verdict: 8/10

Paint:  On the plus side, there aren't any paint applications that were skipped on this figure and the colors that were used are all appropriate choices.  The problem, every figure I came across had a paint job that was sloppy as hell.  It really all looked like it was just slapped on there.  I've been seeing these figures in stores at a discounted price for months, but I've been holding out until I saw one with decent paint.  The one I bought was the best I saw and it still isn't very good.  You shouldn't have to look through dozens of figures to find one with "OK" paint work.
Verdict: 1/10

Articulation:  It's obvious just by looking at it that there isn't much articulation on this figure.  Just five points of articulation: (1) neck, (2) leg, and (2) arm swivel joints. Yeah, you can't really do anything with that.  You can have Wolverine stand upright or have him in a leaned back seated position with his arms stretched forward.  Exciting!
Verdict: 2/10

Accessories:  Clip-On Slash Trail. That's what the label on the  package calls the clear blue blob pack with the figure. It sucks, looks bad, and is pointless.
Verdict: 0/10

Quality Control:  Other than the terrible paint, there is also an issue that has been the bane of most Wolverine toys, warped claws.  I'm not sure what could be done to remedy this, but it sucks to have Wolverine with claws that look like they're made out of Twizzlers or something.
Verdict: 3/10

Overall:  At a couple of bucks, I don't really feel ripped off, but I'm also not at all excited about this purchase. He's a fine looking Wolverine to just have standing there in a line-up of heroes, but other than that, not much you can do with him.  I'm sure a kid would still have a lot of fun playing with him, but that's relying almost entirely on their imagination and nothing that this figure brings to the table.  It's more than a little sad that these kid focused toys are lower quality and less articulated than the Wolverine figures Toy Biz was making in the early 90's.
Verdict: 3/10

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