Friday, July 18, 2014

I Called the Old Nintendo Power Hotline

So I stumbled across the old Nintendo Power Magazine #1 issue and a flood of memories came rushing back.  Memories of me playing Mario Bros/Duck Hunt (I had the combo cartridge), Contra, Zelda and getting stuck in all those games but there was once magazine I could turn to.  NINTENDO POWER!  They had everything.  Maps, hints and yes even a call line dedicated to answering all of your frustrated needs.

So I picked up my cell phone and I decided to give it a call.  Why not?   When I dialed though, all I got was a busy signal.  I had envisioned some old Nintendo Power magazine employee still connected to his rotary phone, just waiting for that next call on how to get to the hidden warp zone or get around the giant maze of Metroid and get the special version of the Metroid armor.  I called again later on, and the same.  So the number has since either gone off line or there is still someone on the line, trying to beat the impossible Battletoads jetski level.  It could also be that my high tech cell phone just can't connect to an old rotary phone.

Either way, I still miss this magazine and remember back to when I would wait in the mail for the next issue to arrive.  Good times Nintendo Power, good times.


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