Monday, July 7, 2014

Robotech Academy Kickstarter needs your help!

Attention Robotech fans!  A Kickstarter event has been made to create a pilot episode on the continuing Robotech series called "Robotech Academy".  In "Robotech Academy", the story focuses on the main characters children and fighting a new enemy alien race.

So what does this mean for you.  New episodes of your favorite show.  A whole new story line.  And best of all, new toy figures!!!  Also, since this is a Kickstarter event, you can get some really cool benefits for helping out like a $25 donation gets you a digital copy of the finishes product.  For $300 or more, you get to go to the premier in LA, and for a $5000 donation you get to be drawn in the actual episode as a background character!!

So go ahead, help the late great Carl Macek's story come true and check out the donation site here and if anyone has a space $5000 they can donate to me, I'd love to be in the show as I've been a huge fan since I first watched it on TV when I was 8. - Kevshiro


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