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Top Twelve Toy Finds From June

At the end of each month I, Brunpuppies, will put together a list of the top toys that I acquired over the course of the month. The number of entries will differ depending on just how many toys I got over the month. The order of the list will be based purely on my personal opinion of the items and is in no way definitive. I'm sure you the reader will have you own favorites and I am open to hearing about them in the comments section.

June was a particularly big moth of new toys mostly do to the lines being released to coincide with their respective movie summer blockbuster. Let's get right to with...

12. DC Comics Multiverse 3.75": 1989 Batman (Mattel)
"You wanna get nuts!? C'mon let’s get nuts!!"

This figure really could have had a better rank on this list, but Mattel had to go and make this a 3-3/4" scale figure. 

A Tim Burton / Michael Keaton Batman action figure is one I've wanted in my collection for a long time. This isn't a bad figure, sure it has some paint and QC issues, but it's really pretty good for it's size.  The problem is that I collect 6" scale figures and Mattel's switch in scales for movie figures just rubs me the wrong way. Oh well, I guess it's still possible that they could do one down the line. It also looks like Hot Toys is getting into the 6" market so it's possible they'll make one.

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11. Transformers Movie 4: Generations Voyager Class Evasion Mode - Optimus Prime (Hasbro)
I can't seem to get myself into theaters to see the latest Transformers because of the piss-poor reception it's received. It sure is making tons of money, but it doesn't mean I want to have over two and a half hours of my life wasted. A lot of the toys for Transformer: Age of Extinction look pretty crappy too. The designs for the toys really seem to have taken a few steps backwards from the past lines. This is the one figure that interested me at all.

Other than Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime, Optimus Prime is my favorite Transformer. The classic 80's look is by far my favorite version, so I really like the fact that his on combines the colors and the vehicle mode of the old figure with the robot design of the new. I'm really quite happy with how this one turned out.  The proportions, design, and articulation are really very good. There are a few things I would have liked differently; the fact that the hands are recessed behind some panels is very awkward, I think making the upper arms red would have given it more of a classic look, the same goes for including a plate guard over the mouth, and maybe adding some exhaust stacks to the arms.

Even without making those changes, it's still a great figure. I just happen to have lost some interest in the property so it doesn't rank higher on the list. I should note that I didn't take a picture of the vehicle mode because did bother to finish transforming after fumbling around with it for a few minutes. If a figure is going to be sold in it's robot mode then the instructions should show you how to go from robot to vehicle, not vice vera.

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Raphael (Playmates)
After buying this figure, I really wanted to go back and get the other three Turtles, but every time I went back, I just couldn't get over how much I dislike the the looks of them. Raphael is really the only one I like at all. As for the other figures in the line, Shredder is the only one I picked up because the rest were just outright terrible. 

Raph is really rather fun.  The articulation is good, the design of his appearance is perfectly fine, and he has most of his paint apps which is more than I can say for the other figures. I like this figure the more I look at him, especially his proportion which I think is what I dislike about the others, specifically Donatello. For now I'm happy just to have this guy.

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9. Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Guardians of The Galaxy - Iron Man & Nova (Hasbro)
Yeah it's a cheat, putting these two together, but really they're a tie for me. I'm one of those people that still likes getting different Iron Man suit variations even though we've already gotten a ton of them and Nova is a character I've always really liked.

This Iron Man shares a lot of parts with the Heroic Age Iron Man, but between the different paint and some new parts, he looks really cool and different. I even like this suit more in toy form than I ever did in the comics. The articulation moves really well on this figure and I really have no complaints.

The Nova suffers a bit with the articulation. Not because there isn't enough or the range is poor, but because the parts are really soft. The elbow joints are possibly gummier than any other figure I have ever owned.  Even my old Toy Biz Deathlok, and that thing was really bad. I'm going to have it spend some time in the fridge in hops that it will stiffen up. Other than that, it's an awesome looking figure.  I love the costume design and the paint colors and any flying character that has articulation to look straight up, always gets huge points from me. If only more Superman figures could do that.

8. Charmed: Leo (Sota Toys)
Yep, this figure is far from current, but it rivals a lot of the better figures you find on the shelves today. 

I have never watched Charmed and I have no idea who this is, but when I saw him at a local collectibles store for a reasonable price I just had to pick him up. The store in question was terrible.  It just opened up in my local mall and I'm sure it's not going to last long. It may very well be one of the largest collectibles stores I've been in, but there was literally nothing in the store that interested me (picture every crappy toy that's come out in the last 15 years), especially at the prices they had, except this.

I'm not quite sure how they got a dozen of just his figure (yet none of the others from this line), but I'm glad they did. As far as I'm concerned this is just a generic ancient Greek soldier and a wonderful one at that. The the sculpt is great and the articulation is phenomenal. He's a lot of fun to pose and he stays standing relatively well. I really wish SOTA Toys was still making figures like this.

7. Quick-Build Model: Metal Kit - Suzuki Vinson (Testors)
1/12 scale vehicle with some great accessories? Yes, please!

I'm always looking for some sweet rides for my 6" scale figures and this quad fit the bill. I got this model kit for a clearance price of $10 in the model section of a chain craft store and it was worth every penny. Assembly was fairly quick, only about 15 minutes as the box stated. It involved no glue, just a bunch of screws and some snap together parts. The result looks just like the real thing.

The best part about this ATV is that it's clearly outfitted for a hunter / weekend warrior type. The gun rack with accompanying rifle and gun case, along with the compound bow and arrows look fantastic. The detail is perfect and the paint is well applied.

This quad looks great with most of my 6" figures and even many of my 7" ones too. My Green Arrow or NECA Dutch figure look equally good riding it. My collection of 1/12 scale motorbikes keeps growing, now I just need more cars and other vehicles.

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