Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Transmorphers, No I didn't Spell it Incorrectly.

Yes, it's finally here.  The movie you've all been waiting for Transmorphers (see trailer here).  No, I didn't spell that wrong.  Somebody had some extra cash lying around and decided, let's make a movie that sounds like Transformers but just giant Robots that transform, oh wait sorry, transmorph into other things.  It's a direct to DVD film so you kinda know what you're getting into.  I'm not going to bother too much with it as I've seen my fair share of crappy movies and been in them too while living in LA for a year.  If you're brave enough, go check out Transmorphers and let me know how it is.  Also, if you're really brave, you'll watch the second one right after it Transmorphers 2 Trailer here.


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