Friday, September 26, 2014

Barnes & Noble Just Became My New Best Friend

Going to Barnes & Noble just became a lot better.  They're now showing a whole lot more Anime (S.H. Figuarts), Marvel, DC, and Gundam figures.  They also have a nice variety of different POP! characters as well.

The only thing that is a disappointment is that I wish the prices were a lot cheaper (they're between $40 - $45 for the Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z figures).  A quick check on have them for at least $10 cheaper (see links below).

The good news is now we don't have to play the guessing game of, "I hope my figure looks good" when you order it online.  You can go to your nearest Barnes and Noble, take a look at the figure, decide if it's a good buy, and then order it online for cheaper as Barnes & Noble doesn't price match.

They do though, to their credit, sometimes have half off bargain deals and maybe if you wait long enough, these figures will drop in price and combine it with a Barnes & Noble membership and you can get an extra 20% as well (except you have to pay the $25 fee per year for that).

So go take a look, hopefully your local Barnes & Noble will have a nice variety as mine does.

Also, sorry for the crappy photos.  Remember the Samsung phone review I did, this was the camera for it. - Kevshiro


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