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SpruKits DC Comics Model Kit: Arkham City Batman Review

The following intro is taken from Top 20 New Toy Finds of August 2014:

SpruKits DC Comics (Level 2) Model Kit: Arkham City Batman (Bandai)
I have to say, I'm surprised I didn't get into action figure model building sooner. It's really quite fun. I think what put me off regular model building is that fact that you can't do much with the end product other than display it, but the action figure models usually have a ton of articulation and are really fun to pose. The fact that they don't require any glue and just snap together is a HUGE plus for me.

As much fun as I've been having assembling Gundam figures, I'm even more excited the Bandai is starting to make kits of comic book superheroes. My first kit just had to be of Batman. For the most part, he didn't disappoint. The final assembled model looks sharp and the articulation is extraordinary! It may very well be one of my top five all-time favorite figures to pose. Every joint holds its position well and I have absolutely no problem getting him to stand even if it's on one foot.

There are a few downsides. The cape that comes with the kit is terrible. I thought it was a joke when I first pulled it out of the box and I even double checked to make sure there wasn't another one (there isn't). The cape is made of a thin clear piece of acetate (plastic) that has black and gray printed on it to look like cloth with folds. It's as if you just cut a cape shape out of the plastic bubble the action figures usually come packed in. The first thing I did after assembling the figure was make a few cloth capes in various lengths that I could put on the figure. (The pictures above show him in a long cape that I made.) The other issue I had was the scale; this figure is 5 inches tall.  If you've read any of my other reviews, you know that the bulk of my collection is 6" scale. This is in no way a deal-breaker, but had it been in my preferred scale, my love for this figure would have been through the roof.  I guess I'll just have to pick up more models in this scale to go along with this figure.


Package: (5/10) Standard looking model box that is very big for such a small toy.

Sculpt: (8.5/10) Very well detailed and accurate to character model.

Scale: (7/10) Fit well into the 5" scale. Would have loved to see this in 6" scale. Only additional color that is really needed is for the eyes.

Paint:  (7/10) No paint unless you do it yourself. Colored plastic does the job.

Articulation: (10/10)  Doesn't get much better than this at this scale.

Accessories: (7/10) The weapons work well with the character.  The base is nice, though it's not really need.

Cloth Goods:  (2/10) The cape could have benefited from being cloth rather than cheap plastic.

Quality Control:  (810) The quality of the parts is great, but the final product depends on the model maker.

Overall: (8/10) I very enjoyable model making experience with a fantastic end result. I hope to see many more comic character based SpruKits.

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