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Bandai Tamashii Nations D-Arts Mega Man Action Figure Review

I am a huge fan of the old Nintendo Entertainment System and many of the great games that were available for it. Some of my favorite franchises where Super Mario, Zelda (yes I like part 2 also), Contra, Double Dragon, and of course, Mega Man. I have to confess, I never had the first Mega Man, just parts 2 and 3, but I did have a friend who owned it that let me borrow it for a weekend so I only ever played it a little bit. With a NES emulator loaded onto my computer, hopefully I can change that soon. The two games I did have, however, I completely loved.

Lately I've been slowly compiling a small collection of my favorite NES characters by finding what I consider to be their definitive action figures. This started with my acquisition of the excellent Figma Legend of Zelda: Link and continued with the very cool S.H. Figuarts Super Mario and Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo figures. Hopefully I'll be able to get the Figma Metroid: Samus and Metal Gear: Solid Snake next. For now, let's focus on my latest addition, Mega Man.

Product Description
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original Japan game release, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the long awaited and highly requested release of classic Megaman into the ranks of the advanced D-Arts high-articulation action figure series. Fan feedback was critical in the design of this set, which features Met and Rush figures! Superior articulation allows for recreating a variety of action poses. Also included in set is an extensive array of accessory parts such as shot effect parts, as well as two interchangeable face parts, additional right arm Mega Buster parts and Mega Buster barrel opening part, interchangeable right arm, and interchangeable left/right hand parts.

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Package:  The is fairly a standard looking package for a Bandai collectible action figure. It consists of a box with a window that has a plastic tray insert that holds the figures and accessories firmly. There is also a reflective cardboard insert and some instructions in the box. The graphics on the box look great and have some really nice photos of the figures found inside. The window allows you to see Mega Man and Met clearly, but you can only see Rush's head and shoulders. All the accessories are almost completely out of view.

What is nice about this style of packaging is that it is completely collector friendly. The contents can be easily removed without damaging any of the packaging. The figures and accessories can also be reinserted for easy storage. Everything fits tightly into the tray and doesn't require any elastics or twist-ties. The box dimensions are 6" Wide x 7" Tall x 1-3/4" Deep.

Verdict: 9/10

Sculpt:  The sculpt and proportions on these figures are fantastic. When I think about how Mega Man, I picture not only how he looks in the games, but also his appearance in the Archie comic books. Everything is very simplistic and cartoony, but that's just as it should be. There isn't much detail nor would I expect there to be. I can't find a single thing to nitpick about.

Verdict: 9/10

Scale: This Mega Man figure fits nicely into the 6" or 1/12 scale, which translates into 1 inch equaling 1 foot. The three characters in the set are the following sizes:

  • Mega Man is just over 4-1/4" Tall
  • Rush is 2-1/2" Tall to the tip of his ears by 3" Long
  • Met is 1-1/4" Tall
Mega Man may seem short for this scale, but when you consider that his official height is 132cm (4'-4") then he seems to be just right. Rush and Met are scaled perfectly in comparison to Mega Man. I think he looks just great along side my Figma Link and Takara Tomy Ash, though he does seem a little puny next to my superhero figures, but that's understandable since they have such large proportions.

Verdict: 9/10

Paint:  The paint and colored plastic used on everything in this set looks great. The colors are all as they should be and they really make the figures pop. I love the color contrast between Mega Man, Rush, and Met. The fact that each one has a different primary color as the dominate color, makes them look perfect together.

All of the paint and printing is very crisp and clean. I don't see any color bleed on anything. The colors are all solid and involve no shading which is fine for Mega man and his crew because they should look cartoony rather than realistic.

The parts that are all colored plastic are spot-on. They match one another perfectly and they have a nice finish to them that doesn't look too "plasticly". The use of clear red lenses for the boot thrusters and the Buster barrel tip and yellow lenses for Rush's shoulders and hips is a really nice touch. Everything comes together for a really nice looking surface finish.

Verdict: 9/10

Articulation:  Mega Man and Rush have no shortage articulation. Mega man has a whole bunch of joints that allow you to put him into all kinds of great action poses and cool stances. All of the joints work well and none of them are too loose nor too tight. Rush doesn't fair quite as well, but he is far from just a static accessory. The figures have the following points of articulation:

Mega Man
  • Double ball-jointed neck
  • Ball-jointed with Hinge and swivel shoulders
  • Hinge and swivel elbows
  • Ball-jointed wrists
  • Ball-jointed torso
  • Ball-jointed waist
  • Ball-jointed hips
  • Hinged knees
  • Ball-jointed ankles
  • Double ball-jointed neck
  • Swivel hips
  • Hinge and swivel knees
  • Ball-jointed ankles
Verdict: 9/10

Accessories:  Mega Man comes with all kinds of goodies to really add o the great look and playablity of the character. Every accessory looks as good as the rest of the figure and interacts well with it. Mega Man comes with the following.

  • Rush (more of an additional figure than an accessory)
  • Met (another figure, but with no articulation)
  • 1x neutral expression face
  • 1x angry face
  • 1x yelling face
  • Left and right fists
  • Left and right splayed hands
  • 2x forearms
  • 2x Mega Busters
  • Mega Buster barrel end
  • 3-burst shot effect

Rush and Met are both great additional characters to have. It's entirely up to you whether you want to view them as stand alone figures or just accessories to Mega Man. I think they're both great to have and they live up to the quality of of the main figure.

The actual accessories are just as good. The faces are very simple to switch out yet they are sturdy. They are are just held in place on the helmet by some tight fitting pegs. The Mega Busters, hands, and forearms are easy to pop on and off, but they stay in place when you want them to. The shot effect looks great, you just have to make sure you have the correct barrel end piece on in order for it to fit properly.

Verdict: 9/10

Quality Control:  I didn't have a single issue with my set. I did however have a chance to chose between three sets and I did notice that one have less than perfect paint on the helmet, but even that wasn't all that bad.

Verdict: 9/10

Overall:  I'm extremely pleased with this figure and I'm very glad I finally got around to picking him up. A figure needs to completely blow my mind to get a 10 out of 10, but this one easily got a 9 from me. The only thing I could see deterring a Mega Man fan from getting this action figure is the price and really that's up to the individual whether they are willing to pay a premium price for a collectible. I personally think it was well worth it.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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