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Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Series 2 - Khal Drogo Action Figure Review

It would be difficult for me to name an show that I've enjoyed more  than Game of Thrones. At first it would seem like a show with so many characters and storylines would be off putting, but it's quite the contrary. Each character is very well fleshed out in a relatively short amount of screen time and the stories are all interwoven in a very intricate way. The characters all have their own personal motives that aren't always clear cut. It's not simply a matter of dividing each into a role of either a "good guy" or "bad guy" (except Joffery, he's pure evil), each person has a reason for what they do.

Then they die.
Product Description
From the hit Game of Thrones TV series! This Game of Thrones Khal Drogo Legacy Action Figure features the nearly unstoppable Dothraki from the show measuring 6-inches tall. Featuring over 20 points of articulation and complete with knife accessories, this figure is a must-have for Game of Thrones fans!  

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The fierce Khal Drogo is the leader of the Dorthaki warrior tribe and husband to Daenerys. Khal is in fact his title, which means warlord, not his name. He earned this prestigious rank through tremendous feats of bravery and valor in battle and by avoiding the ploys of his enemies and rivals that would try to unseat him from his position. Basically he was the biggest badass in a society of badasses.

(Spoiler Warning) The product description calls him "nearly unstoppable", because by the end of the first season he is most definitely stopped. First he is incapacitated by an infection from a wound obtained while dispatching a usurper. Then a mystic from a conquored village casts a spell to leave him in a vegitative state rather than save him as she promised Daenerys. His wife, wanting to see his suffering come to an end, smothers him to death.

Not really the most badass way to go.

Package:  I'm really appreciating the trend towards these collector friendly boxes rather than card and clam shell packaging. Japans toy lines like Figma, S.H. Figuarts, and Revoltech have been doing it for collectible action figures for years, but it wasn't until recently that you started seeing them in U.S. lines like Star Wars Black, Marvel Legends, and Planet of the Apes. Funko has been in the 6" scale action figure market for a short time, but they started of right.
The box has a window that does an excellent job of showing off the figure along with the accessories inside. The box itself is uniquely colored and numbered to each individual character, which makes searching them out in stores much easier. The tray holds the contents securely and allows you to remove and replace the figure in the box without any damage to the packaging. The only downside is that there isn't any text on the box telling you more information about the character you are getting.

I have never been one to keep my toys mint in the package and usually throw the packaging out once I've removed the figure, but this type of box has caused me to keep it around for later storage.

Verdict: 9/10

Sculpt:  Gentle Giant has done a wonderful job with the sculpt here. There is absolutely no question as to who this figure is meant to represent. The proportions and build are spot-on for the character. The detail is outstanding; the hair and beard looks realistic, the corset and pants manage to look like two different types of leather, and the loin cloth and wraps have textures that make them look like fabric.
The likeness, while not perfect, is very good. I think at very least it captures the essence of Khal Drogo, if not the exact features of Jason Momoa. Still, at the right angle, you can definitely see the actor's face in the sculpt.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Scale:  This is one category where this figure doesn't quite live up to my expectations. This figure most definite fits into the 6" (1/12) scale as does the rest of the line, but it comes up just a but short. Jason Momoa is 6'-4" tall which at means in 1/12 scale his figure should be 6-3/8" tall. This figure, however is about 6-1/8" tall. Really it needs to be another 1/4" taller.

When you place Drago beside his wife, Daenerys, he looks just fine because he towers over her as he should. The problem is when you line him up with some of the other male figures line the Hound or Jaime Lannister he doesn't look quite as physically imposing as he should. Scaling him up to be another 1/4" taller would have helped a lot. Heck, I would have been fine if they made him a little oversized and brought him right up to 6-1/2".

Verdict: 7/10

Paint:  The paint on this action figure looks fantastic. It does a wonderful job of bringing out the sculpt and detail put into the figure. If you put him side by side with a figure like Han Solo from the Star Wars Black Series, you can really see the difference.  Han looks very "toyish" where as Drogo looks much more realistic. All the lines look crisp and the textures have depth due to great paint washes and dry brush techniques. The skin tone especially looks perfect. Again, just look at him compared to Han Solo which just relies on the color of the plastic to portray skin color.

I need to point out that the quality of the paint on this series seems to be much better than Series 1. With Series 1 I had a lot of issues with the paint rubbing off, especially at the joints and on the soft rubbery clothing.  With this figure I had none of that. The paint did cause most of the joints to stick when I first got him out of the box, but once I worked them a little, they were fine. None of the paint chipped or rubbed off the joints once I got them moving.

Verdict: 9/10

Articulation:  Khal Drogo has all the articulation you've come to expect from a 6" collectible toy line. Most of the joints are useful and functions well, while others are more restricted than they should be.

Here is a break down of the joints Drogo has:
  • Ball-jointed neck
  • Hinge and swivel shoulders
  • Hinge and swivel elbows
  • Hinge and swivel wrists
  • Ball-jointed torso
  • Ball-jointed hips
  • Swivel upper thigh
  • Double hinged knees
  • Swivel ankles
There are plenty of joints here to get you some really nice poses, but as I said, some don't have the range I would have liked. The neck joint just barely allows the head to move side to side, but with almost no up and down motion. The elbow joints really disappoint me because they don't bend more than 30 degrees.  The joints should at least bend 90 degrees. That should be the minimum standard for just about any action figure. The last joints to fall short are in the ankles. They appear to be just swivel joints, but even then they only turn just a little bit. Some rocker joints in this location would have been great.

With those issues aside, all the other joints work great. The legs, shoulders, wrists, and torso joints still allow for some really good looking poses. Overall they work well together, it just would have been nice to have a little more range on some of them.

Verdict: 7/10

Accessories:  Drogo comes with 4 weapons total; two identical curved daggers, a large sickle-like dagger, and a sickle/sword. The two small daggers fit nicely into the sheaths on either side of Drago's torso.

Each weapon is excellently sculpted and scaled to look good with the figure. The paint on each one also looks great, making the details pop and adding a lot to the overall look. It is worth noting that this series Funko has used a slightly softer plastic for the accessories than for Series 1. This makes the weapons feel less brittle and less likely to break when removing from the package or fitting into the figure's hands, yet they are not so soft that they are likely to warp very easily.

Verdict: 9/10

Cloth/Soft Goods:  It's just worth noting that the corset and loin cloth are made of a nice soft plastic that looks great and doesn't hinder the articulation much at all. This is a much better option than real cloth would have been.

Verdict: 8/10

Quality Control:  The only real issue I had with the quality for this figure is the paint.  Not how the paint looks but rather how it affects the joints on the figure. As I noted earlier, when I first took the figure out of the package, just about all his joints were stuck due to dried paint. I first I was very worried about working the joints loose, because of all the breaking issues people seemed to have with Series 1. I am happy to say that all the joints seem to be much stronger with this series and I have no issues getting the joints to start functioning. Still, this is not something you should really have to go through with an action figure.

The other problem I had due to the paint was that it seemed to have bonded the thumbs to the rest of the fingers on each hand, making it impossible to get the two large accessories in the hands. I just used an X-acto knife to separate them and I was able to get the weapons into place. Again, this is not something that you should have to do yourself.

Verdict: 7/10

Overall:  Khal Drogo was probably the figure I was looking forward to the most from the Series 2 Game of Thrones figures and I have to say I'm quite pleased with him. Yes there were a few issues that I had, especially with the scale, but overall I think he's a very good if not great figure. Even the scale isn't that big of a deal. The only other main cast member that's been released so far that he's ever even been seen with on the show is his wife and the two of them look just fine next to one another so I can let the scale issue slide a little.

Now I need to get yet another Lord of the Rings horse to display his with. I already have a few for my LotR and Jonah Hex figures.

Final Verdict: 8/10
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