Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Panels of the Week - October 21, 2014

A whole new batch of comics will be release tomorrow, but before we get to the all new adventures of our favorite characters, let's take a look back at some of the best comic panels from last week's releases.

Today's panels almost all come from Marvel and DC comic books, but in future posts we will be sure to include selections from other companies as well.

SPOILER WARNING: Important plot points to different comics will be revealed in these panels.

Fantastic Four #11 (Marvel)

Not really the giant Thing you would expect to see in a men's prison shower.

Wolverine and the X-Men #10 (Marvel)

I think if I had seen Wolverine sing R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" at karaoke night, it would have been one of my fondest/most terrifying memories of him too.

Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy #1 (Marvel)

I can't wait to see how this half-assed cosplay of Wolverine comes into play in this book. Maybe he's just the average Fanboy. I mean who hasn't taped some knives to their hands in an attempt to be Woverine?

Batman - Superman #15 (DC Comics)

Awkward Batman asking Lois Lane out on a crime fighting date is awkward.

Justice League #35 (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman knows what's up.

Avengers & X-Men AXIS  #2 (Marvel)

Bring on the bad guys!

Edge of Spider-Verse #05 (Marvel)

As much as I like this alternate universe version of mechsuit Spider-Man (SP//dr), I live seeing this Daredevil kicking Kaneda from "Akira" in the face even more.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #06 (Marvel)

Another great kick to the face. It's great seeing Miles becoming so confident in his role as the new Spider-Man.

Hulk #07 (Marvel)

Hulk blowing lava snot-rockets out of his nose while staying classy. Top THAT DC Comics!

Batman Eternal #28 (DC Comics)

This is probably the most humanizing moment I can remember for Killer Croc. A sad and powerful moment.

 Injustice: Gods Among US -Year Three #3 (DC Comics)

If "Gotham" doesn't have a similar scene between Bullock and Detective Chimp, then the show will be a complete failure.

Death of Wolverine #04 (Marvel)

I can't help but be underwhelmed by this end for Wolverine. Really, he's just in-cased by adamantium?

Batman and Robin #35 (DC Comics)

This reminds me how much I love the Bat-Family and I wish we got to see them together more often. It's a bit odd that armor made for a 10-year old boy fits these three so well though.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #39 (IDW)

I really want to see Pete become a permanent part of a trio with Bebop and Rocksteady. Moments like this are why the comic is a thousand times better than that last movie.

Deadpool's Art of War #1 (Marvel)

The second I saw this image I wanted to have an ongoing title that chronicles Deadpool's adventures in Asgard.

Supergirl #35 (DC Comics)

I'd love to see Jason and Kara as the next World's Finest. They seem like a good fit in the New 52.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #7 (Marvel)

I assume this is meant to be read to the tune of the Beatles' "All You Need is Love", which is awesome. I never would have thought Doom and an appreciation for the Fab Four. 

Magneto #11 (Marvel)

I really just like the fact that Deadpool referred to Magneto as "Swagneto". It's the simple things in life that bring me joy.

Ms. Marvel #9 (Marvel)

Can I just say that it's fantastic that Lockjaw is appearing regularly in just a great book? Again, it's the simple things.

New Avengers #25 (Marvel)

To be truly "Mr. Fantastic", Reed needs to be drawn with a beard from now on.

Storm #4 (Marvel)

Storm's grief rage over Logan's death is strong.

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #16 (Marvel)

Why is Silvermane in KISS make-up? I have no idea, but it's awesome and it's a damn shame that is great title is being cancelled.



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