Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Panels of the Week - October 28, 2014

A whole new batch of comics will be release tomorrow, but before we get to the all new adventures of our favorite characters, let's take a look back at some of the best comic panels from last week's releases.

Injustice - Gods Among Us - Year Three #4 (DC Comics)

Maybe one day we can have a book where Batman just "one-punches" his way through the DC Universe.

  Secret Avengers #9 (Marvel)

On season 3 of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. ...

Secret Origins #6 (DC Comics)

I love when getting a two-page spread that uses some nice clean storytelling rather than trying to spread it over a dozen pages.

Stray Bullets #8 (Image)

A screwdriver to the ass has got to hurt.
Unless you're in to that kind of thing.

Teen Titans #3 (DC Comics)

Avengers #37 (Marvel)

Old Man Rogers always throws such a fit when a ball lands in his yard.

Axis - Hobgoblin #8 (Marvel)

I honestly don't know who does or doesn't get tipped sometimes.

The Multiversity -The Just #1 (DC Comics)

(Presented without comment.)

 Cyclops #6 (Marvel)

Even his own father can't stand him.

Astro City #12 (Vertigo)

Finally, a thief with class and manors.

Godzilla - Rulers of Earth #17 (IDW)

I don't know what Godzilla could be doing to that poor lobster monster to result in a SKREEEONGY sound effect, but I'm sure it's horrifying.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #18 (DC Comics)

They finally introduce She-Ra after a year and a half of teasing and they go and replace her sword with what looks to be a cake server.

Predator - Fire & Stone #1 (Darkhorse)

Why does everyone always have to attack a Predator's looks?

Red Lanterns #35 (DC Comics)

I haven't read this book in over a year and I come back to find Guy Gardner bearded and puking energy in people's faces.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Ghostbusters #1 (IDW)

I have to say, I found it disappointing to find that the Turtles needed a portal to travel across worlds in order to meet the Ghostbusters.  I really just hoped they all lived in the same New York.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 (Marvel)

A fairly unspectacular debut of an unspectacular costume.

The Flash #35 (DC Comics)

A much better debut of another unspectacular costume. It's just too busy for my tastes.

The Walking Dead #133 (Image)

These guys seem like they're going to be the creepiest antagonists yet for this title. Just when I thought this book was going to get stale, it gets even more interesting.

Starlight #6 (Image)

A hero is always way cooler when he's got a sweet ride.

Batman Eternal #29 (DC Comics)

Alfred is a screamer. Try to get that image out of your mind.

The New 52 - Future End #25 (DC Comics)

There is something so unnatural about Superman's dialog in this scene. I had to read it a few times to get what he was saying.

Superman #35 (DC Comics)

Based on DC's record of consistency, this moth Superman needs help lifting a freight ship, next month he'll be moving a planet out of orbit on his own.

Earth 2 - World's End #3 (DC Comics)

Bruce clearly gets his intensity from his dad.

Batman Beyond 2.0 #38 (DC Comics)

Context is everything.

All-New Ghost Rider #8 (Marvel)

This was one of the only good shots of the original and all-new Ghost Riders fighting in this issue. Most of the artwork was very unclear, which is sad because I was really enjoying the art in the first few issues.

Arkham Manor #01 (DC Comic)

This was me thinking about what's going on in this issue without knowing how Batman Eternal ends.

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #3 (Marvel)

I've already put my order in for this shirt.

Aquaman #35 (DC Comics)

Aquaman has a really wonderful little speech that he gives the Atlantians. It's a good thing a plane just happened to fly by when he was making his big point.

All-New Invaders #11 (Marvel)

I would have considered Bucky the heart of the team back then, but I guess with the way his backstory has be retooled it would make sense that the Torch would now be the heart.

All-New X-Factor #15 (Marvel)

I don't know why they would do it, but I love that fact that X-Factor would switch out the President's nuclear football with a pile of Conan comics.

Amazing X-Men #12 (Marvel)

I found the X-Men's reaction to this scene to be very disturbing, they seemed overjoyed rather than horrified.

Deadpool #36 (Marvel)

This is just a fantastic month for sound effects. 

New Warriors #11 (Marvel)

Nothing sells a massive beatdown like KRAK!, WHAM!, and THUD! all appearing in one panel.

She-Hulk #9 (Marvel)

I'm sad to hear that this title has been cancelled. It's been a really fun read. I know a lot of people blame the art, but I think it's great. Pages like this are just solid storytelling.

Harley Quinn #11 (DC Comics)

It seems like DC writers have been milking Power Girl breast jokes for years now.

Death of Wolverine - Logan Legacy #2 (Marvel)

I don't know where The Chinook "The Hero of Hogtown" came from, but he seems like just about the lamest character they could have used to team-up with X-23.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 (Marvel)

The Best Face Kick of the Week Award goes to Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel for a great combo.


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