Thursday, October 30, 2014

Support on - Versa Bricks: Connecting LEGO, HOT WHEELS, K'NEX, & Trains

Today, we at wanted to let you know about a great project over at that could really use some support from toy fans. Versa Bricks are blocks that would allow LEGO (or other compatable blocks) to connect with Hot Wheels tracks and K'Nex pieces. This would truly let you make the most of these wonderful toy lines. Below is some information on the project and you can head over to to get more info and to pledge your support.

CLICK HERE for Versa Brick Kickstarter page.

Versa Bricks™ allow you to connect your Lego® brick creations to HOT WHEELS® tracks, K'NEX® building systems and HO scale train tracks.

What are Versa Bricks™?

Versa Bricks™ are toy construction bricks that allow you to connect LEGO® type bricks to Hot Wheels® tracks, K'NEX® building systems and HO scale train tracks.  There are currently six fully designed and tested bricks.  They work great and really allow you to "free your mind" and come up with all kinds of fun creations, expand your creativity and get more fun time out of your toys!  We need your Kickstarter support so we can build plastic injection molds for the six new bricks.  Then we can bring Versa Bricks™ to the masses!
Here's a look at all six bricks!!!

Where did the Versa Brick™ idea come from?

The Versa Brick™ idea came to me way back in 1973 when I was a kid playing with my LEGO® and Hot Wheels® tracks.  Once you build everything you can per the instructions, you start to get creative!  Make the tracks go through the LEGO® buildings and trying to use LEGO® to support ramps, the ideas are endless!  But the problems are too!  Nothing seemed to hold up.  I always thought there should be a way these toys could be used together, I could picture it in my mind, I could sketch it, but just couldn't make the parts!
Later in life I now have my own kids and they face the same challenges with these toys that I did.  Then I remembered my ideas from back in '73.  But today I have an engineering degree, 3D solid modeling software, 3D printers and most of all Kickstarter!
Finally Versa Bricks™ can become reality!

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  1. HiddenLevel rocks! BTW, there is also a new "Brick #7" that connects to HO scale train tracks! Lego and K'NEX! Versa Bricks will only be made if they reach their funding goal on Kickstarter. You can become a backer for as little as $1. Here is a direct link to the project page: