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Top 30 Toy Finds of September 2014: 6 thru 10

(thru 10)

At the end of each month I, Brunpuppies, will put together a list of the toys that I acquired over the course of the month. The number of entries will differ depending on just how many toys I got in that month. The order of the list will be based purely on my personal opinion of the items and is in no way definitive. I'm sure you the reader will have you own favorites and I am open to hearing about them in the comments section.

September's toy list reaches the top 10 with…

10. The Walking Dead TV Series: Maggie, Glenn, Tyreese, Andrea, and the Governor  Action Figure (McFarlane Toys)

Yep, I know. This is a bit of a cheat grouping these figures all together. My reason is that I that I like them all equally, but I like them even more as a group. A few months back I picked up Daryl and Merle and ended up liking them quite a bit. I was hesitent about getting any more figures because I wanted to be sure I could get good Rick and Michonne figures before I committed to the rest of the group. With the announcement of the great looking Rick figure for Series 6, my resistance started to lessen. The problem was that I had missed out on Michonne before she started going for big money.

In the last month or two, Walgreens became the place to shop for cool action figure exclusives. It was on one of my trips to this chain to find some Star Wars Black Series figures that I came across an entire end cap of Walking Dead figures. One of those was a rerelease of Michonne that I had no idea was coming.  With her in hand, I just had to get the rest of the characters. The only one I skipped was Carl, but only because a better looking figure is coming out soon of an older, more badass Carl. I'm not much of a fan of the "stay in the house" Carl.

As for the figures I did get, they are perfect little plastic representations of the zombie apocalypse survivors. The sculpt, paint, and yes even the articulation is great on each one and the accessories are spot on. Now I just need some zombies from this series that aren't little plastic statues with crappy action features.

9. The Walking Dead TV Series 6 Michonne Action Figure (McFarlane Toys)

Here she is. The lady that finally got me to cave and start collecting The Walking Dead action figures. I'm not sure exactly what it is about her that makes her the key character for me, but she is.  Luckily this figure does not disappoint at all (other than the fact that it's 5" scale instead of 6" but that's my problem with the whole line).

When she first appeared on the show, she looked like she had stepped right out of the comic. In time, the TV version and the comic version each went down their own paths, but I'd have a hard time deciding which I like better. With this action figure, I almost don't have to decide, because it could work for either. Yes, I know there is a comic version of this line, but I collect the comic characters as Minimates rather than as action figures.

Everything positive I said about the other figures in this line applies to this figure too.  Even more so. She looks fantastic with her hooded cape or without. Obviously you couldn't have here without her sword, so she's luck to have one that looks so good. It's fairly common for figures to come with accessories that are out of scale, but the sword and scabbard are perfect. The bonus accessory with this rerelease is one of the Governor's fish tanks with severed zombie heads. They look awesome, but now I just need a dozen more of them.

8. Godzilla Classic Series '94 Godzilla Action Figure (NECA)

I've been waiting for years to get some cool, affordable, non-vinyl figures of the King of Monsters and thanks to the new movie, he's getting some extra toy attention. I was very excited when it was first announced that NECA had picked up the license to make action figures of not only the new movie, but the older ones as well.  They have not disappointed so far. As cool as there first release was, this one is even better.

Even though this is based on the '94 versions of Godzilla, the look of it is still what I picture in my mind when I think "classic" Godzilla. I love the fact that this looks more like a "man-in-a-suit" than the new one does. All the detail you can think of is present in the sculpt of this figure.  The articulation is plentiful and it all works well. I think the only thing this figure is missing is some kind of atomic breath accessory. It won't surprise me if NECA was holding the off for some sort of rerelease.

7. SpruKits DC Comics The Dark Knight Rises Batman Action Figure Model Kit (Bandai)

I really expected to enjoy the Arkham City Batman model a lot more than this one, but it turns out I like this one just as much. The AC Batman has the advantage of having a more interesting color pallet which gives it a visual edge over the DKR Batman, but there is just something dynamic about they way this one moves that elevates it. Regardless, I like them and I'm glad I have them both. I'd be happy if Bandai did an entire line of models just based on different versions of Batman. This character has so many awesome looks. I only ask that they do something about the cheap crappy capes.

If you haven't tried them, you really can't go wrong with either Batman model. Just make sure you go with the the 5" ones not the 4", because those don't seem to have much articulation at all.

6. Star Wars Black Series Chewbacca Action Figure (Hasbro)

I'm so happy to finally have this Chewie action figure. I've wanted one in 6" scale since before Star Wars Black Series was even an idea. If I were to pick only five Star Wars figures I could have made in this scale, this would definitely be one of them.

This figure doesn't disappoint.  Sure the articulation could use a little more range, but it's far from a statue. The sculpt is superb, the paint is sound, and the scale is outstanding. I love the way he towers over the other characters. I don't really have anything negative to say about the guy. Having him and Han along side one another, just makes me really want a Millennium Falcon cockpit playlet in this scale to display them in.

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