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Top 40 Toy Finds of October: 16 thru 20

(16 thru 20)

At the end of each month I, Brunpuppies, will put together a list of the toys that I acquired over the course of the month. The number of entries will differ depending on just how many toys I got in that month. The order of the list will be based purely on my personal opinion of the items and is in no way definitive. I'm sure you the reader will have you own favorites and I am open to hearing about them in the comments section.

The list continues with

20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Movie Classics Donatello Action Figure (Playmates)
A lot of what I said about Leonardo in my last entry applies to Donatello. His articulation is also much more consistent than Mikey and Raph's. Yes I realize that they all have the same bodies, but those two figures I got had quite a mixture of joints that were either far too loose or too tight. Maybe some quality control issues were worked out with later batches of figures. Donatello's expression is slightly less goofy that Leo's startled expression. This, combined with the fact that Donnie is my favorite Turtle in the Nick cartoon series, helps put this figure slightly higher ranking on this list.

19. Planet of the Apes Classic Series Scale Cornelius Action Figure (NECA)
It's been over a month and a half since I got Dr. Zaius from the Classic Series and at the time I was very excited about collecting this line. It fell off my radar a bit because there have been so many great figures coming out lately, plus the fact that most of the stores in my area that carry NECA products, didn't seem to get many of these figures, so they were mostly sold out. Luckily my local Toys R Us got another case and I was able to get this figure using one of my gift cards.

Cornelius was probably the figure I was the least interested in from this first series but because he's such an important character from the movies, I'm still very happy to have him. He looks great standing along side Dr. Zaius and he's actually a lot of fun to pose. Granted, they are more subtle poses rather than crazy acrobatic poses, but they allow for some great display options.  Now I really want a Gorilla Solider.

18. Magic: The Gathering Legacy  Garruk Wildspeaker Action Figure (Funko)
As I said back when I talked about Goldmane, it's been about 20 years since I've had anything to do with Magic: The Gathering and I don't really know any of the characters in this series, but that doesn't mean I don't like a cool looking figure. I knew pretty early on that Wildspeaker might be one of the figures I'd pick up from this line. I always seem to gravitate towards the big bruiser characters.

Wildspeaker has a really great sculpt with a ton of nice detail. I really appreciate how interesting the asymmetrical armor he's wear is. There are all kinds of different materials and textures that are represented and the paint does a wonderful job of making it all stand out. The only thing I'm not too wild about (no pun intended) is the articulation. Not that there isn't plenty of it, just the fact that it's so restricted by his armor. Even then, I'm not bothered too much by it. As a whole, he looks really cool and that giant ax is just awesome.

17. Li'l Gotham: Batman Mini Action Figure (DC Collectibles)

I love this little Batman figure even if he does look like a full size Batman that's been squeezed down vertically in Photoshop. The Li'l Gotham online-first comic that he's based on is one of my favorites and I really hope it continues some day. One of the thinks I like best about this figure is that it depicts my favorite comic book version of the bat costume. The black and gray with no-yellow oval bat logo is just perfect to me, and that great looking utility belt can't be beat. I like that it's not bright yellow, but rather toned down to a deep bronze.

I hope me get many more Li'l Gotham figures in the future other than just the four that in this series.

For my full review of this action figure go HERE.

16. Captain America Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Captain America Action Figure (Hasbro)

I know a lot of people are getting sick of Captain America figures from Marvel Legends, but personally, I'm fine with it. He just happens to one of those characters that I enjoy getting different versions of, much like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Hulk, Iron Man, and Wolverine. I'd be perfectly happy getting a figure of every costume variation any of those heroes have ever had. It's true that we've gotten this figure sculpt before, but the change in paint scheme and web gear is enough to make it worth getting even if it wasn't part of a box set with two other new figures.

I haven't really had a chance to line them all up, but I'm willing to say that this might just be one of my top five favor 1/12 scale Cap action figures. (I have about twenty at this point.) This figure seems to be a nice combination of the Classic, Ultimate, and Modern costume designs. I don't know is this specific costume has ever appeared in the comics, but I works pretty well as a stand-in for just about any comic era. I love that the figure comes with an alternate unmasked head and it really makes me wish that this was done more often. 

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