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Top 40 Toy Finds of October: 21 thru 25

(21 thru 25)

At the end of each month I, Brunpuppies, will put together a list of the toys that I acquired over the course of the month. The number of entries will differ depending on just how many toys I got in that month. The order of the list will be based purely on my personal opinion of the items and is in no way definitive. I'm sure you the reader will have you own favorites and I am open to hearing about them in the comments section.

The list continues with

25. DC Comics Total Heroes Bizarro Action Figure (Mattel)
One of the first real toy reviews I ever did on HiddenLevel was of a Bizzaro figure (seen HERE), because he happens to be to be one of my favorite DC villains. Even though I've decided to stick to just the main Justice League members from the Total Heroes line, there was no way I wasn't going to grab Bizarro. I probably would have gotten him even if I skipped every other figure all together. He's just one of those characters I happen to like a lot.

When it comes to Bizarro, there are many different versions; you have the Bizarro World version, the failed clone of Superman version, the Jokerworld version, and the New 52 version. Each one has it's own look.  Despite most of this line being based on the New 52 versions of each characters, this Bizarro seems to be based more on the post Jokerworld version. The easiest way to tell is purple/magenta color scheme, the backwards "S", and trunks on the outside look. I'm very happy with getting this particular interpretation because it happens to be my personal favorite.

24. SpruKits DC Comics Man of Steel Superman Level 2 Action Figure Model Kit (Bandai)
I had no plans on getting this figure because I didn't really like the look of the unpainted head that made him look like a department store mannequin, but I ended up enjoying the two Level 2 Batman figures so much that I just had to get another model kit to build. While I don't like this figure as much as the other two, I do like it much more than I expected to. Putting it together was really fun and the articulation is the best out of any Superman figure I own. Really it's just the lack of paint and my general disinterest in the particular costume design that makes me like this figure less. I can't really be too hard on it about the lack of paint, because as a model it shouldn't have any that you don't put on yourself. Really I'm lucky that most of it is cast in the correct color. I may just have to make an effort to paint it myself.

There's no doubt that it's a fun figure to pose and play with though. He looks pretty great with the Dark Knight Batman figure from this line.

23. G.I. Joe Retaliation Kim Arashikage Action Figure (Hasbro)
I'm not entirely sure why she's not just called Jinx on the package, but there's no real doubt as to who this is. I'm a big fan of ninjas, especially a G.I. Joe ninja figures. The articulation always seems to be the best on those figures. What I like even more about this particular figure is that not only is it a cool female figure wearing a color that is different than all my other ninjas, but it also comes loaded with accessories.

Kim comes with an outright arsenal of weapons and even an cool grapple hook shooting carrying case to store it in. Between her, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow, they come with enough weapons to arm an entire army. Every item looks great, is well detailed, and scaled perfectly to go with the figure. It's just a bit difficult to figure out what weapons to display her with.

22. SpruKits LBX Achilles Level 2 Action Figure Model Kit (Bandai)
Yep, another SpruKits action figure model. I'm going to run out of figure options from this line soon. I don't know much of anything about these LBX characters, but they sure do look cool. I really love the overall look of this robot centurion, the design and the colors are very eye catching. One thing I liked about putting this model together is that the build and joints are very different than the superhero figures. The downside is that since this involves a lot more ball-joints, they tend to pop out fairly often while posing or playing with the figure. It's not too bad, but it can get a little frustrating. On the other hand, it does give you some great range of movement on each joint, so it's a bit of a trade off.

Achilles is another one of those characters from this line that I see as being a great army-builder. I think a bunch of these would look great lined up together. To also seems like it's perfect for customizing. I wonder if other LBX figures have joints that allow parts to be switched between characters. I'm sure I'll be able to find out soon enough.

The story behind how I got this figure is pretty cool. At New York Comic Con, I went to the Bandai booth and talked to the guy that was showing off the SpruKits models and I told him that I loved the line and already built half a dozen of the figures. He then said that I deserved to be rewarded for my loyalty to the line and gave me a 75% discount on this figure. That was definitely one of the  highlights of the show for me. When I asked if he could tell me about any other figures that would be coming out, he said he couldn't say, but hinted the a certain Clown Prince of Crime may soon be coming out in one of the larger scales.

21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Movie Classics Leonardo Action Figure (Playmates)
I ended up getting Movie Classics Leonardo and Donatello for my birthday. I know a few months back when I had Michelangelo and Raphael on my Top List, I mentioned that I skipped out on Leo and Donny because there face sculpts looked too weird, but my opinion on them has softened a bit since then. I still don't think they look great, I can live with them. I've seen a lot of people post pictures where they swapped different parts of the head between figures and the results looked really good. I'm probably going to do the same. I plan on adding some spots and shading to their skin to make them more movie accurate too.

I also lucked out with this Leo because the articulation is much more consistent than it was on Mikey or Raph. The joints aren't too loose or stiff and he holds his weapons very well.

I think now that I have all four together, I like them more than the Classic Cartoon figures. The Turtles always seem to look better when their together as a team.

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