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Top 40 Toy Finds of October: 31 thru 35

(31 thru 35)

At the end of each month I, Brunpuppies, will put together a list of the toys that I acquired over the course of the month. The number of entries will differ depending on just how many toys I got in that month. The order of the list will be based purely on my personal opinion of the items and is in no way definitive. I'm sure you the reader will have you own favorites and I am open to hearing about them in the comments section.

The list continues with

35. DC Comics Multiverse Arkham Knight: Red Hood Action Figure (Mattel)
I had a hard time decide whether I should rank Robin or Red Hood higher on this list.  Really they're have the same pros and cons. I ended up giving the Red Hood the better spot because his hood looks better on him. Robin's just looks way too much like a wig to me. Once again, like Robin, I had a big issue with this figure not coming with his signature weapons. How hard would it have been to include two hand guns?

I do need to give Mattel some credit for doing full, unique sculpts on the figures in this line. Unlike DC Universe or Masters of the Universe, there doesn't seem to be many, if any, parts that can be used between these figures. The sculpt is very detailed on Red Hood, especially for such a small figure.

For my more of my thoughts on Red Hood, read my full review HERE.

34. Punisher Building Block Minifigure (Bootleg)
China has once again provided me with a minifigure the Lego isn't likely to be made any time soon. I once had a chance to ask someone that worked for Lego a few questions and one was if a Punisher figure would ever be made and they said it didn't really fit their brand to have a figure of a murder.

So it's cool to have a killing gun-for-hire like Deadpool, a Nazi Red Skull, and a planet destroying Darth Vader as little brick toys, but not the Punisher? That makes perfect sense.

Oh well. I'm happy to have this little guy to add to my Lego Marvel MiniFigures even if he isn't an "real" Lego toy. He fits in great and the quality is good enough to not seem like a cheap knock-off. Now I just need to construct a black battle van for him to get around in and build him an armory.

33. SpruKits LBX Hunter and LBX Deqoo Level 1 Action Figure Model Kits (Bandai)
These Level 1 model kits fair much better than any of the Level 1 DC kits. The build for each is just a little more interesting and the articulation has a better range and is much more effective. I also happen to think the design of these figures is really cool. The only thing I skipped out on when making these figures were some yellow circular stickers for Deqoo. The additional color was great, but the stickers just didn't lay right. I might just go back and paint these at some point.

I don't know a thing about these characters, but they have great possibilities. I'm sure Hunter is meant to be a fox, but I think he'd work great as a mechanical Rocket Raccoon. Deqoo seems like a great army-builder character that could be part of the either good or evil forces. I know that as a kid, I would have loved coming up with back stories for these little guys.

32. LEGO MiniFigures Series 12 Pizza Guy (LEGO)
I my college years, I worked as a Domino's Pizza delivery guy to pay my way through school. It was a really fun and easy job to do and it was also the first time I had enough money to start collecting toys as a hobby. Back then I was all about Marvel Legends and The Simpsons: World of Springfield. I have a lot of good memories about that time in my life, so when I saw that Lego had a Pizza Guy MiniFigure, there was no way I was going to miss out on getting it.

The figure captures the look of a pizza delivery guy perfectly; the hat with a logo and the multicolored polo shirt are pretty standard for just about any pizza place. The bright colors look great, but the only thing I personally would have liked changed would be switching out the green for blue. That's really only because it would be cool if it looked like my old uniform, not because I think the green looks bad. I'm very thankful that the figure came with both a pizza and a pizza box.

This is another minifigure that's going to need a sweet ride, only in this case it's going to more along the lines of a beat up old station wagon with a mismatched replacement door.

31. DC Comics Total Heroes The Flash Action Figure (Mattel)
When this line first came out, I was fine with just grabbing Superman and Batman because I didn't really want to start collecting all the DC characters again. I was happy with my DC Universe figures and these didn't really match any thing else I collected. Here we are months later with a new Flash show and the excitement of the DC movies that will be released in the coming years and I've got all these characters on my mind.  With a Toys R Us gift card in my hand, and the Red Laser app on my phone, I was able to get three Total Heroes figures for under $20 by having TRU do a price match. Those figures were Bizarro, Aquaman, and the Flash. I think now I want all the core Justice League characters in this line. Bizarro is just one of my favorites, so I had to get him.

The Flash is ranked lowest out of these three for a few minor reasons. Firstly, I didn't notice on the figure that I bought until I opened it, that one side of his face had some sloppy paint. I should be able to fix it but it's still a bummer to have to do so. Another problem is that one of the legs got a little bent out of shape in the package. That should be something I can fix with some hot water, but again it stinks that I have to do that myself. The last issue is that he has one hand the is in "karate chop" position and the other is a fist, and I just think it looks a little odd. I'd really rather have them both be the same, whether its fists or open hands. As I said, minor stuff, other wise I like the look of the figure. I think it's a great line even if it's targeted more for kids than collectors.

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