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R.I.P. Bob Hoskins: Say it isn't so ppppplease

R.I.P. Bob Hoskins
(1942 - 2014)

I, unfortunately, never got to meet Bob Hoskins as I'm just a lowly movie watcher while he on the other hand was a great actor.  He starred in a very large list of films, some of which are, to many, classics to which we will never see a part 2 of now...maybe, because we all know what Hollywood does nowadays.  Some of my personal favorites are:

Unleashed (aka Danny the Dog) - Bart

Hook - Smee

and who can forget him as

Pink Floyd The Wall - Rock and Roll Manager

but of course we will miss him most of all because of these 2 classics...

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Eddie Valiant

ohhh that trailer just screams 90's, doesn't it?

We will all miss you and hope that you find that you finally find your princess (and for those of you who don't know, that's a Super Mario Bros. reference). - Kevshiro

X-Men: Days Of Future Past "Collateral Damage" Video

Peter Dinklage says:  Check out the newest video clip from X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Support the LEGO JAWS – Orca’s Last Stand set

Please check out the Lego Ideas site and support this set.  It doesn't cost anything, you just have to click on a button.  I would love to see this set be put into production and I'm sure a lot of other people would like to as well.  Some of the profits go to help out Shark Saver.
From the site:
In celebration of one of my all time favorite films I bring you this action packed Lego set based on the Steven Spielberg classic 'JAWS'. Recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the movie. For years I have had a deep fear of, and interest in, sharks. I would love a percentage of any profits to go to Shark Savers to conserve this amazing animal.
Since the book & films release understanding the importance of marine conservation has become widely publicized and supported. However, the oceans are still losing vital species and habitats at an alarming rate. We have the power to change this. 

A Sam Quint Lego is a must have for any collector or fan of the movie.
Why aren't there 3 barrels?!

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer is here and it's…pretty much the same as the first one.  There's just a little bit more footage of the Turtles towards the end, but it's really just a few seconds.  This includes some of the clearest shots of Donatello so far.

But yeah,  this movie doesn't really look any better than it did before.  The whole look of this movie just feels wrong.  Anyway, see for yourself and let us know what you think.

Once again Nintendo will not be attending this year's E3's really hard being a Nintendo fan these days. To be fair, I'm all for companies doing something different and separating themselves from the competition. But when those tactics completely fail, maybe that particular company should think of a whole new blueprint to their strategy.

It pain's me to say this (seeing how I grew up playing Nintendo consoles) but the Big N is completely out of touch with the market. Once again they're are backing out of one the biggest gaming events of the year to have their own digital version of E3 where they are talk everything Nintendo.

Now you may be asking yourself, "What was wrong with that?" and I will gladly answer; Nintendo is what is wrong! For past three years Nintendo fans across the world patiently waited for these conferences only to be disappointed one right after the other. Instead of Nintendo dropping some megaton news, the fans got a lackluster event fill with some disappointing gaming announcements.

One would think that Nintendo would realize that maybe this is not a good business and participant in E3 like its competitors (Sony & Microsoft) and stop doing these ridiculous separate events that does absolutely nothing for the company. But after seeing the video that they recently released to promote their digital E3 event, there's no denying that their arrogance and stupidity is going to be their Achilles's heel.

PS4 system update 1.70v is now live

The Playstation 4 is receiving a massive system update today. Sony's PS Vita and Playstation app will also be receiving updates to coincide with the update for the PS4.

Here is a full list of the features included with the update courtesy of the good folks over at Playstation Blog:

  • SHAREfactory: After you update your PS4 to v1.70, an icon to download our free SHAREfactory app will appear on your PS4 system’s home screen once it’s available. Once installed, SHAREfactory allows you to easily customize your gameplay videos with special effects, video commentary with picture-in-picture capability through PlayStation Camera, and custom soundtracks using the included audio tracks or your original music imported from a USB drive. You can then share your videos on Facebook or export them to an external USB storage device.
  • Automatic Pre-download: No more waiting until after a game is released to start downloading select pre-ordered games from PlayStation Store. This new feature allows you to get to your games faster by automatically downloading select pre-ordered games up to several days in advance of the release, so that it’s ready to play as soon as the game is released on launch day. There’s also a countdown timer prior to the release of the game so you’ll know how soon your game will be available for you to start playing.
  • Option to Disable HDCP for Games: This highly requested feature will allow you to have the option to turn off HDCP for games so you can capture longer gameplay sessions directly from your HDMI output and export them elsewhere.

  • USB Export Option for Captured Gameplay: It’s now even easier to show off your heroic gaming moments and the SHAREfactory videos you create with the world using this feature to export your videos and screenshots to a USB drive. Just click on the DUALSHOCK 4 SHARE button, save your gameplay on a USB drive, and then share your proudest achievements on other social networks and other video platforms.

  • Live Broadcasting in HD and Archiving Support: We’ve increased the resolution for live broadcasts so you and your friends can watch games livestreamed in 720p HD. You can also archive your broadcasts on Twitch or Ustream and watch them again later.

  • New SHARE Options: We’ve got a number of new SHARE settings that will give you better control of what you want to share with your friends. Here is what you can look forward to:
    – Change the default gameplay recording time in the SHARE menu under Video Clip Settings.
    – Save only the video clips and screenshots you want by selecting Upload Screenshots or Upload Video Clips for each capture. Also upload video clips and screenshots during your live gameplay broadcasts.
  • – Select specific Facebook audiences to share each video or screenshot with.

  • New DUALSHOCK 4 Options: New light bar settings have been added for DUALSHOCK 4, allowing you to change it to Bright, Medium or Dim in the Settings menu. The touchpad has also been updated, allowing you to navigate the on-screen keyboard using the DUALSHOCK 4 touchpad.

  • New Friends Options: It’s now easier to find Friends and send requests with the ability to search Friends-of-Friends, view Mutual Friends on another user’s profile, and accept Friend requests directly from the Friends list.

  • New Trophies Sort Option: You can now sort Trophies by rarity in the Options menu.

  • PlayStation Store Payment Support: Similar to PS3, we’re introducing Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for PS4 for content purchased on PS Store, starting with PayPal support.

  • More PlayStation Camera Commands: More voice commands are added to PlayStation Camera, allowing you to launch the apps installed on your PS4 with the sound of your voice.

  • New PlayStation Plus Icon: For Plus members, you’ll now have the PS Plus icon appear next to your SEN ID on the login screen, home screen and other areas across the PS4 system’s sleek user interface.

  • Music Unlimited SHARE Options: With a Music Unlimited subscription, you can easily share your favorite songs with your friends by pressing the SHARE button on your DUALSHOCK 4.

PlayStation Vita v3.15 Update

  • PS4 Link Update for Remote Play: Linking your PS4 and PS Vita together will now be easier with the 3.15 update for PS Vita. It’ll enable Automatic Device Registration, which will automatically detect and pair both systems when they’re both online and the same user is signed in to both devices. This makes it even quicker for you to get started on Remote Play or access other second screen features.

PlayStation App v1.70 Update

  • Push Notifications, Friend Requests and More: This new PlayStation app update will give you the option to receive Push Notifications for select PS4 updates you want to receive, such as gameplay Invitations, Game Alerts or Friend Requests. You can also receive Friend Requests via email or text messages with the app update. Also, it’s now easier to change your profile picture right from your mobile device by uploading an image from your photo library, or taking a photo using your in-device camera.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Star Wars 7 Cast Announced

Big news today out of

The Star Wars team is thrilled to announce the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII.
Actors John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow will join the original stars of the saga, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker in the new film.
Director J.J. Abrams says, “We are so excited to finally share the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. It is both thrilling and surreal to watch the beloved original cast and these brilliant new performers come together to bring this world to life, once again. We start shooting in a couple of weeks, and everyone is doing their best to make the fans proud.”
Star Wars: Episode VII is being directed by J.J. Abrams from a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan and Abrams. Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and Bryan Burk are producing, and John Williams returns as the composer. The movie opens worldwide on December 18, 2015.

Here's some reactions from out HiddenLevel crew:

Brunpuppies - I'm trying to figure out whether I should allow myself to get excited.  When the original trilogy was released around 18 years ago (God has it been that long?!), I watched each episode in theaters a minimum of 6 times.  With each viewing my hunger for new episodes grew.  By the time Episode I was about hit theaters, I had become a full blown Star Wars fanatic. A Fanboy if you will.  Then something happened.  I saw Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  

It was not good.

Not only was it not good, it made me simultaneously dislike and appreciate the original trilogy more.  I disliked the things I now knew about this world, but I appreciated just how well the old had withstood the test of time.  Darth Vader will forever be a great classic villain, it just kind of sucks to know how he got to be that way.  The mystery is gone.

So with this new trilogy coming out, I'm just not as hopefully as I would like to be.  That being said, I think Star Wars is in much better hands at Disney than it would in George Lucas's. I would like to think that they will translate some of their resent success with the Marvel Universe over to the Star Wars Universe.  Maybe.

At very least they seem to be off to a good start.  It's great to see so much of the original cast coming back.  I don't know a lot of the new faces all that well, but no one seems like a bad choice for the franchise.  (It's not like they have Johnny Knoxville doing the voice of Yoda's son or anything.)  One name that does stick out is muthaf**kin' Smeagol himself, Andy Serkis!  I'm very excited about his inclusion. Some of the others are familiar because they had their names drop a lot during Batman vs. Superman casting rumors.  I guess that means they're considered up-and-comers in Hollywood.

So the news seems good for the upcoming Star Wars films…so far.  I thing in the end I will reserve and judgement until the final credits roll on opening night.

Kevshiro - My initial thoughts on this are that I hope the Lucas Arts people have their Photoshop skills ready to do some wrinkle removal and some body trimming on every frame of the movie.

As for the movie(s), I really hope they include the Yuuzhan Vong as the main bad guys.  This race from outside the universe decimated the entire republic, remaking worlds over with their own genetically engineered creatures.  Oh, they are also un-sensible within the force.  How freaking cool is that!  These guys are really bad ass and I hope these next 3 films are all about them.

SolidMike - Believe or not I was never a big Star Wars fan. I mean I grew up on the first three  films, but I really didn't become somewhat of a serious fan until I seen Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. I really enjoyed the back-story of Anakin and how badly his body (what was left of it) got disfigured by Obi-Wan Kenobi to become the iconic Darth Vader.

The ending impressed me so much, that I went out and purchased all three of the original films in their "remastered" glory and watch them all the way through. It was a satisfying feeling knowing that Darth Vader was indeed the chosen one all along that was going to save the galaxy from the Sith. I guess there was no way for the council to predict (even though they knew he was the chosen one) that he was going to become a Sith himself in the process.

Now here we are again with another chapter of the Star Wars saga and to my surprise the original cast members are returning such as; Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. For some strange reason, there's no word that Billy D. Williams is going to make a return, but that annoying ass chewbacca is.

In any case, this definitely interesting news and what is even more interesting is that Harrison Ford is going to play a big role in the next film. Unfortunately, we just have to wait to hear more info on that.

So what do you think about the news?

E.T. Atari game my wife's Basement!

Sunday a afternoon, my wife and I took a trip to her parents' home to search through her old stuff to see if there was anything that she wanted to bring home. While there, she let me go through the basement in search of old toys.  I found some boxes of old Lego parts, Beetlejuice action figures,  Batman trading cards, and Atari games.  I remember thinking to myself that is was funny that that I had just read about how a documentary was being filmed about Atari. That they had been looking into what had been consider an urban legend; an entire mountain of E.T. games that were so crappy that there was no choice but to literally bury every remaining copy in a dump.  Just that morning it had been revealed that it was true!

And here I was with a box of old Atari games.  And what was this I spied on top?  Friggin' E.T.-The Extra-Terrestrial video game!  No way did this happen by chance.  I was meant to have one of if not theee worst game of all time in my hands, just so I could bear witness to awesome crappiness (or is it crappy awesomeness?)  

This thing still had it's instruction manual in almost perfect shape!  Not that you really needed it, because from what I've heard, the game never really worked to begin with.  Anyway, I went ahead and scanned it for to share.

The art's not half bad for an Atari game.  Most didn't get any art.

Ain't nobody ever going to get E.T. home in this game.

WOW! Those character designs are flawless.

I like to think that if they had used CGI, this is what E.T. would have looked like.
A green booger.

Every hint should be that humans can't do sh*t in this game.
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Jump the Gun: Godzilla 2014

Jump the Gun is a semi-weekly article where two or more HiddenLevel contributors voice their gut reactions to upcoming movies. Their opinions are based solely on what trailers, press releases, and information is available around the internet, oh, and of course their own personal bias towards the source material. None of the opinions are based on actually having watched the movie. Each reviewer retains the right to change their view after having watched the movie, if they ever bother to do so. After all, who wants to waste their money on a movie that looks like it’s going to suck? Unless you’re into that kind of thing.


Movie Summary: Godzilla is back, destroying cities and any monsters that may get in it's path. Check out our thoughts on seeing this revisited classic. Post your own comments if you agree or not.

Brunpuppies - This looks like it could be pretty good.  I can’t say I’m much of a Godzilla fan considering the only movie I’ve seen in its entirety is the one from 1998, which I’m sure we can all agree is pretty bad and strayed a bit too far from the classic Godzilla concept.  This movie, however, looks to have the movie monster we are all more familiar with.  The big guy looks outright MASSIVE! Last year’s Pacific Rim has definitely put me in the mood for more big monster movies.  
Verdict - Will see in theaters

Kevshiro - OK, so I’m excited about Godzilla and can’t wait to see it but there’s a part of me that’s worried.  The worried side of me is the part that knows that there won’t be enough Godzilla in the movie and there will be a lot more conversation between people.  I don’t mind the conversations but most of the time it lasts way too long.  I’m hoping that there will be enough of the big guy to satisfy my destructive needs and that there’ll be a good battle between him and the new monster foe.
Verdict - Excited

SolidMike - I really don’t see this movie not bringing home an oscar this year, I mean it’s freaking Godzilla!!! But all jokes aside, I’m really exciting for this film. I think the trailers are doing a good job of showing you bits and pieces of the monster itself because it’s creating a sense of suspense to the consumer.

So come May 16th, we all can witness this new design of Godzilla in full action! I’m really interested to see what other creatures are going to be in the film. According to the trailers and toys, we already know Godzilla is going to have a show-down with some new alien-type bug (not original at all) but I hoping some other famous creatures make it into the film such as; King Ghidorah, Gigan, Rodan and MechaGodzilla.

I know this is wishful thinking, but let me fantasize dammit!! In any case I’ve been a huge fan of Godzilla since the 80s and seen every film up to this date, even the abysmal Godzilla film in 1998.

Verdict - Will be there on opening day and will buy Blu-ray/DVD when it’s released.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mass Effect Trilogy maybe coming to the PS4 and Xbox One (Rumor Mill)

Please, please, please be true. I would absolutely love to see an enhanced definitive edition of the Mass Effect games on next generation platforms. Without a shadow of a doubt I would gladly purchase all three titles again to experience one of the best sci-fi games of the last generation.

This juicy rumor started with a Neogaf user named Rushersauce who spotted the listing of the title over at Zmart.

However, this piece of information shall remain as a rumor (even though I want it to be true) until we hear confirmation from EA/Bioware.


The Poor Dad Movie Review: 47 Ronin

SPOILER BELOW because I'm a poor dad who sees movies months or years later.

I'm not sure why this movie did so bad, it's definitely not as bad as "Death Bed,The Bed That Eats" (NSFW), and if you've seen that one then you know a bad movie when you've seen one so I'm not sure why all the bad press about 47 Ronin. I enjoyed the story and was really excited when they were able to get their magical swords. Oh wait, it was apparently was only magical for Keanu, which was odd as you'd think magical oni swords always works when you get them in video games. I was also happy to see Keanu's super fast speed, which he should've used in the beginning of the movie which would have saved all the 47 Ronin from taking their lives. And what about the tattooed skull guy, wasn't he awesome when he was just talking from a balcony. Ok, so there's lots of plot holes in the film but what can you do, except pre-production which is supposed to fix all the plot holes. Hmmm. I think I just like samurais, maybe that's why I liked the film. - Kevshiro

If you agree or disagree comment away.

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Doomsday Cometh!

Action Figure Insider has a scoop that Mattel is in fact making a Doomsday action figure to fit in with their DC Universe Classics / Signature Collection!  I'm very excited about this.  Matty Collector had pretty much told us this figure was not going to happen.  It's not the gray skinned, boney version we all know, but rather the containment version, but I still think it makes for a great figure.
Check out their site for more pictures and info:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hulk Endorses…Nike?

So a guy known for not wearing any shoes, is being used to endorse a brand best known for making sneakers.  Sounds about right.
Either way, this commercial from Nike is pretty fun.  Lots of big soccer / futebol stars in this one.  I assume it's not really one we're going to see much here in the States.

Check out the video below:

Thor and Loki, Meet Your Sister

This weekend, Marvel revealed that Angela is the sister of Thor and Loki…and Balder,  Vidar, Tyr, and Hermod too, I guess.

This is all part of Marvel's big mega-event this summer called Original Sin.  It seems everyone in the Marvel Universe is going to have the skeletons in their closets revealed and the Odin's big "sin" is that he spawned a daughter at some point.  

From her first appearance.

Angela is a fictional comic book character created by writer Neil Gaiman and artist Todd McFarlane. The character first appeared as a supporting antagonist in McFarlane's creator-owned series Spawn, making her debut in issue #9 of that series (March 1993). She proved to be a popular character, and later starred in her own self-titled miniseries. She was later the subject of a legal battle between McFarlane and Gaiman over the rights to the character, which saw Gaiman victorious. She would later appear in books published by Marvel Comics, beginning with the 2013 "Age of Ultron" storyline, with her character to be expanded on in Guardians of the Galaxy.