Saturday, January 24, 2015

To Funko or not to Funko?

Everybody dreams of figures like Mazinger Z, Robotech, Figma, S.H. Figuarts or even those from Marvel!  But those who are on a limited budget and can't spend money on a 45-50 dollar figure (ahem, S.H. Figuarts) look into our pockets and only find a moth...sad but true.

Being a collector sometimes is an expensive hobby but there is always a way to do it and it is called

The Funko Pop! figures are 3 3/4 inch vinyl figures that range from Mickey Mouse to World of Warcrafts figures and the prices can be anywhere as low as $5.00 (at your local Five Below) to $12.99 for regular editions. If you feel like "I want something more unique", you can find Limited Edition Funko Pop! figures starting at $24 (Of course paying premium price).

To Box or Un-box, that is the question:
The detail in some of the figures is amazing and keeping them in their boxes could be a good idea but
sometimes you can miss out on some great detail work or catch things that the clear plastic front of the box doesn't show.

Funko Pop! has Limited Edition figures for every comic convention and those are the most hunted
ones. Last year at NYCC (New York Comic Con) we were lucky enough to grab Vegeta from Toy Tokyo Limited Edition even though the line was huge by mid morning.

Be careful with these Funko Pop! figures as once you Pop! you just cant stop! lol

See you in the hunt for Funko Pop! - OtakuMoMo

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  1. I was tempted for so long by Funko Pop because of the wide variety of figures. I finally purchased a Robin Hood Funko Pop. I'm trying to resist buying more. I enjoy your blog. Best Wishes