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Toy Finds of June 2015

June 2015
At the end of each month I, Brunpuppies, will put together a list of the toys that I acquired over the course of the month. The number of entries will differ depending on just how many toys I got in that month. The order of the list will be based purely on my personal opinion of the items and is in no way definitive. I'm sure you the reader will have you own favorites and I am open to hearing about them in the comments section.
June was a good month for action figures, especially though in 1/12 scale. There was yet another Marvel Legends series, a couple of Star Wars Black waves, a few imports, a bunch of Funko Legacy figs, and a whole new line that has me hooked. Technically it's a line scaled between 1/10 and 1/12, but I'll take it. The line in question is Create a WWE Superstar. I love this concept of easily customizable action figures and it would absolutely blow my mind if Mattel used this concept to bring Masters of the Universe back it to stores. They would get all my money! Heck, why aren't they doing a DC Universe line like this?

Anyway, let's talk about the figures I do have rather than the ones I wish I had:

32. Legacy Collection: Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Action Figure (Funko)
As much is I like Daenerys, this is probably my least favorite figure in this line. The paint is really sloppy, there is dried glue running down the legs, and the articulation is all really restricted. My issues may just be with my figure in particular, but that’s all I have to go by. Plus there is no reason this shouldn’t have come with another one of her baby dragons. I’m just glad I didn’t pay full price for this. I do hope this line continues though.

31.  POP! Star Wars Yoda Bobble-Head Figure (Funko)
Yeah, I was trying to stay away from getting anymore POP! figures, but my work desk needed a little more flair and this guy does the job.

30. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Giant Man Action Figure (Hasbro)
There is just something not very exciting about a Giant Man figure that’s just regular size.
The figure itself is very well done, the paint is cleanly applied and it makes use of the standard body type very well. I really have no issue with the figure, other than the size. As it is, it’s just a regular guy in a bright costume. Maybe I’d like him better if I displayed him along side my 4” Marvel Universe figures.

29. 66mm Size Collection 01. Son Gokou Action Figure (Bandai)
My very first Dragon Ball Z action figure. At five dollars, it was for an import figure. It seems like most domestically distributed figures around this size are going for upwards of ten dollars. It’s a fun little figure that I have no complains about. The additional hands and stand add quite a bit to the display and play value.

28. Star Wars the Black Series Emperor Palpatine Action Figure (Hasbro)
Probably one of my least favorite figures in this line, not because it’s poorly made, but because it’s just not all that visually interesting. It is the the Emperor though, so it’s kind of a critical character to have for any Star Wars collection. Hasbro should have included some Force lightning effects to go with this figure. They could have even used the alternate Electro hands from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 action figure.

27. Create a WWE Superstar John Cena Action Figure (Mattel)
I gained a lot of respect for John Cena when I read about his record breaking contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s pretty sweet that the action figure I got of him happens to be from a line that I always wished I see; a line of customizable 6” scale action figures with interchangeable parts. I'm going to give Cena full credit for making it happen.

26. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Wasp Action Figure (Hasbro)
For a fashionable hero that’s known for constantly updating and redesigning her costume, we sure do seem to get a lot of Wasp figures in this costume. I will give this figure credit for looking much better than any of the previous releases. I do have one issue, the hands on this figure bug me just as much as they did on the Spider-Woman figure. I really wish Hasbro would start releasing their figures with alternate hands. It worked so well with the recent Spider-Man and Iron Fist releases.

25. Assorted DC Comic Character Minifigures (LEGO Knock Off)
I’m a huge fan of LEGO, especially when it comes to minifigs, but sometimes I’m just not will ing to get big expensive (and sometimes uninspired) sets in order to get certain characters. In the last few years there has been another way to get these hard-to-get or unavailable characters; chinese knock offs. Now I’ll admit, some of these can be very low quality, but if you’re luck, others can be nearly as good as the real thing. Fortunately with these particular figures it’s the latter.
The big winners for me in this set are Hawkman, Batzarro, and Cyborg, mostly because they are visually interesting and have unique parts, but also because the real minifigs come with sets I’m unwilling to buy. I’m also happy to have the Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Brainiac although I was planning on, at some point, getting the Brainiac Attack set they come with. The rest are just Bonus figures and nice variations of characters I already have. The best part is that I got all these figures for less than $7 including delivery! I feel bad about supporting these knock off brands, but with these results and prices, I don’t feel too bad.

24. Marvel Hero Mashers Deadpool Action Figure (Hasbro)
A toy aimed at young children of a completely unhinged murdering mercenary is just too good to pass up. Especially when the price is 50% off. Besides, it’s seems like it’s been far too long since there has been a Deadpool figure available.

23. Create a WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan Action Figure (Mattel)
The Hulkster as a superhero? Sure, why not? I’m going to assume his hero name is Real American.
“I am a real American
fight for the rights of every man
I am a real American
fight for what’s right
fight for your life!”  - Real American

22. Transformers Hero Mashers Soundwave Action Figure (Hasbro)
This is probably the only Transformer character left that I had any interest in getting a Hero Masher of. I really love the classic G1 look of the figure. It looks like it’s right out of the original cartoon. As with the other Transformers from this line, I just wish the legs were a little longer to improve the overall proportions of the figure.

21. Create a WWE Superstar The Rock Action Figure (Mattel)
The Rock was my first ever wrestling action figure character and now he’s the first from this new line of Create a WWE Superstars. The likeness on this figure perfect so it’s almost a shame to hide it under the badass looking helmet it comes with. Luckily the whole point of this line is that I can use it with another figure.

20. Pacific Rim Deluxe Horizon Brave Action Figure (NECA)
Another average looking Jaeger. Not a terrible design, but also not a very interesting one. Just one more figure to add to my army of big mechas. I’m not much of a fan of action features, but the launching missiles on this one aren’t too bad.

19. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Grim Reaper Action Figure (Hasbro)
I was completely convinced that Grim Reaper was a member of the Masters of Evil at some point, but after doing some research, I guess I was wrong. He’s still going to be displayed alongside the other Avengers villains where he rightfully belongs.
Other than the head and the arm with the scythe, this is a fairly plain looking figure. Luckily those two items add a lot of personality to the figure. The face sculpt alone makes him look like a complete maniac. This figure also debuts the new medium size generic body that this line has been sorely needing. I’d be perfectly happy seeing this used with future figures.

18. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Tiger Shark Action Figure (Hasbro)
The first time I was ever exposed to the character Tiger Shark was his appearance in Wolverine Volume 2, Issue 19, so I have always associated him with being a Wolverine archvillain. Ironically this issue was part of the Acts of Vengeance storyline where the point of the story was to have heroes face off against villains they had never encountered before. I guess maybe I should pair Tiger Shark up with Namor. That’s a guy that’s in serious need of some archfoes in plastic form.
The figure itself is very good and makes use of the big body type shared with true Wolverine nemesis, Sabretooth, which suits him just fine. The only new parts are the head and fin, which all look great, although I do wish the fin was just a little bit bigger, but that's just me.

17. Star Wars the Black Series IG-88 Action Figure (Hasbro)
This is a case of a figure looking a heck of a lot better in package than in hand. To be fair, the sculpt and paint are great on this figure my issue is with the scale and articulation. This figure seems to be a little too short. He should be about ¾” to 1” taller to be in the proper scale. As for the articulation there is one point that completely fails the figure. Having a swivel t-crotch rather than some kind of ball-joint puts a huge limit on the kinds of poses you are going to get out of this figure. I guess I’ll have to live with him just standing there holding his gun. Oh well. At least he does look cool.

16. 2014 SDCC Exclusive Legacy Collection: Game of Thrones White Walker Glow in the Dark Action Figure (Funko)
I really liked the original White Walker figure that I got, so getting the same figure with a glow-in-the-dark paint job at a clearance price is something I was happy to do. I was not disappointed with the figure although was surprised at how much of a brighter blue was used for the skin of this figure as opposed to the original. I should also note that it seems like it takes more time and light to “charge” the glow paint on this figure than most glow-in-the-dark products that I have, which is a little odd.

15. Star Wars the Black Series Clone Trooper Captain Action Figure (Hasbro)
Basicly this is the same figure as the standard Clone Trooper or Sergeant figures only it has red markings. I like this Phase I armor well enough although I do have to say I’m a bigger fan of Phase II. The only issue I have with the figure is the paint. The red is very sloppy and there are scrapes and splatters everywhere. Much like the other clone trooper figures I also hate the white paint that was used for the knees. It’s a completely different color than the rest of the armor. Other than that, I'm happy to have another army builder figure.

14. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Bulldozer Action Figure (Hasbro)
I finally have the last member of the Wrecking Crew and it just happens to be my favorite figure in this gang. His overall appearance is much more interesting than Piledriver’s or Thunderball’s thanks to his helmet and studded bands. Best of all, he makes the team look better as a whole. The figures really do look much better when you have all four of the members displayed together.

13. Star Wars the Black Series Boushh Action Figure (Hasbro)
Other than some sloppy paint work, I’m pretty happy with this figure. I’m impressed with what Hasbro was able to do with the helmet. Usually when an action figure has a helmet that goes on over a head, the helmet ends up looking oversized and/or the head looks undersized, but in this case the proportions of both look great. The helmet also slips on easily yet it stays on tight. The rest of the figure is equally well done other than, as I said, the paint.
As strange as it seems to say this, I think I’d rather display this figure with Jabba the Hutt than the slave Leia figure.

12. Previews Exclusive Legacy Collection: Firefly - Jayne Cobb Action Figure (Funko)
I knew as soon as it was announced that I was going to have to get the Jayne with his silly hat over the regular version. It’s just a far more interesting to have a big tough guy wearing a brightly colored wool hat. Other than the truly bizarre elbow joints, this is a quite nice action figure. The paint work makes me wish that Hasbro would do the same with their Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black lines rather than rely so much on colored plastic.

11. HG G-Reco Gehennam Mass Production Type 1/144 Scale Action Figure Model Kit (Bandai)
Another solid model kit that looks great and moves very well. As usual, I’m a big fan of the robots that have a “tank” look and feel to them and between the style of the armor and the general color scheme, this figure definitely fits the bill. The laser / energy axe just make this figure that much sweeter.

10. Create a WWE Superstar Lucha Set Action Figure (Mattel)
This is the set that really sold me on the WWE Create series, not that they didn’t already have me hooked on the general concept. There is just something about lucha libre that has always interested me more than traditional american wrestling. I definately has a lot to do with the masks. This set however goes a few steps beyond just lucha into bizarre yet awesome territory. First off, the main figure is practically a straight-up Hawkman figure, I can see a ton of customs being made with this set. Second off, the inclusion of a smashable guitar and a cobra is just random (to me anyways) and cool. Finally, the inclusion of the Rey Mysterio head is a nice way to give fans a chance to make a real life wrestler with this set, even if the included body does seem a bit big to represent the 5’6” luchador.
Bottom line, if I was to recommend only one set to non wrestling fans, this would be it. The wing harness alone is worth it.

9. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Ultron Action Figure (Hasbro)
I’ve grown quite fond of the Marvel movie based figure over the last few years and I’m always happy to get a new one. It’s especially nice to get a villain since they are so often overlooked. (I’m still hoping for a Red Skull, Whiplash, Mandarin, and a larger Abomination.) This Ultron is a nice and welcome addition. The scale, sculpt, and articulation are all great, but the only thing holding the figure back is the paint job. The silver paint is very inconsistent and a bit flat. There are some parts that are all together unpainted and makes the figure look unfinished. It should be easy enough for a customizer to fix, but a collector shouldn’t have to. I do however have to point out the the paint on the eyes is pretty fantastic and helps capture some of Ultron’s personality.

8. Legacy Collection: Firefly - Malcolm Reynolds Action Figure (Funko)
It’s completely amazing that there is a line of figures being made of a show that was cancelled after only one season nearly thirteen years ago! Fortunately it’s a show that like a lot and watched it during it’s original run and a few times since. I’ve never been a fan of westerns, but a western in space? I’m in! It’s a shame that other than the Serenity movie and some comic books, that the story hasn’t been revisited.
If there was only one character I could have gotten from the show it would have been Malcolm Reynolds. He’s like a perfect mix of Han Solo and Jesse James, yet more likeable. This figure turned out quite alright (although I’ve seen some with a terrible wash on the coat and his wrists are a bit too thin) and it makes me excited to get the rest of his crew. I really hope there is a second series that has the Serenity's passengers; Inara, Simon, River, and Book.

7. HGBF Powered GM Cardigan “Gundam Build Fighters Try” 1/144 Scale Action Figure Model Kit (Bandai)
This is my absolute favorite style of Gundam and this particular model ranks up there as one of the best. This mecha is an incredibly well armed and armored “one-man” army (that's a lot of "arms" in one sentence). Really the only thing keeping me from liking it more is the color scheme. White and yellowish tan just doesn’t really do it for me. I may just get a second one and give it an all new paint job.

6. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Ant-Man Action Figure (Hasbro)
I’m really looking forward to the Ant-Man movie and I hope it does well. I like that Marvel is willing to take chances with their character and I think there is plenty of potential with their less popular characters. Just look how awesome Guardians of the Galaxy turned out. Personally, I think Ant-Man has powers that lend themselves to some very visually interesting situations. Ever since Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, I’ve liked seeing things at a macroscale.
With this figure, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Not only do you get not one but two Ant-Man figures, you also get an Ultron build-a-figure piece, a flying ant, and a tiny Yellowjacket figure! How awesome is it that you get a hero, his sidekick/ride, and his arch villain in one pack?

5. HGBF Try Burning Gundam 1/144 Scale Action Figure Model Kit (Bandai)
This is a really wonderful Gundam model kit. So much so that it’s worth getting two sets to be able to display it in both regular and burning modes. The “flaming” mode is the clear winner as far as looking the coolest, but the non flaming mode still depicts a very sleek Gundam mecha. In both modes the clear colored plastic really make the figure “pop”. I’d love to get more models that used this technique for energy effects. A crystal or ice covered Gundam would be cool.

4. Star Wars the Black Series Commander Cody Action Figure (Hasbro)
I’m not all that familiar with Commander Cody because most of my exposure to Star Wars comes from the movies and I’m only about one season into the Clone Wars series, but I can say that this might very well be my favorite trooper figure. I just love the design of the armor and the color seem is absolutely fantastic to me. I need to learn more about this character and I hope he holds up to the high expectations I have based on his visuals.

3. Tamashii Nations S.H.Figuarts Aka Ranger Himitsu Sentai Goranger Action Figure (Bandai)
I got this figure purely because I love the design of it. It just screams 1970s Japanese superhero. When you think American superhero, you picture a person with a muscular body in tight spandex, a long cape, and a mask, but with Japanese superheroes it’s a person with a slender body in tight spandex, a helmet, and a short cape if any.
I think the elements that really sold me on this figure are the bug-eyed helmet, the high collar short cape, the laser gun, and the rocket belt. It all comes together in a fantastic brightly colored costume. The figure itself is beautifully made with fluid articulation, clean crisp paint, and plenty of accessories.
I think now he needs four colorful partners to fight the forces of evil with. That and maybe some sort of cool vehicle.

2. The Dark Knight: Batman MAFEX Version 2.0 Action Figure (Medicom)
The original MAFEX Batman was really the first import action figure that I ever got. That was a little over a year ago and now import figures account for a large part of my action figure purchases. Some of my favorite 6” figures come companies likes Bandai, Good Smile, Kaiyodo, and Medicom. Until recently, the MAFEX Batman figure was one of my all time favorite action figures. Then I went and snapped off one of the legs. Doh!
It was not at all a quality control issue, it was totally my fault. I hadn’t originally planned on getting the Batman 2.0, but since I now had to replace the figure I broke, I figured I might as well get an upgrade. Boy am I glad I did!
At first it didn’t seem like there was much that had changed between the two versions, just a couple of new heads, but it was the little things that made all the difference. For one thing, the cape on the new one is now lined with wires, which makes for much more dynamic poses. EVERY cape should be made like this! The joints are also much tighter. The ball-joints on the old one were always popping apart. And getting back to the heads that are included in this set, they all look really great and offer up so many more display options.
I absolutely love this figure and right now it’s in my top three Batman figures with the Mezco Dark Knight Returns and NECA 1989 Movie Batman figures. As far as Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy figures, this is the one to get.
1. Legacy Collection: The Rocketeer Action Figure (Funko)
I’ve been wanting this figure for over twenty years, so there was really no way this wasn’t going to top off my list, unless it completely sucked. Luckily it does not. As a matter of fact, it’s as awesome as I hoped it would be.
There is nothing that I can think of that this figure is missing. The sculpt is absolutely fantastic, the outfit and rocket pack have every little detail including the wad of gum to patch the fuel tank! The articulation is plentiful, although I have to confess that I wish the figure could look straight up. The paint is perfect and very cleanly applied. I’m very thankful that it includes a gun and two different heads, but to be completely honest, there isn’t much chance that I’ll ever display this figure without the helmet.
One of the things that makes me the absolute happiest about this action figure is the scale. It is well documented that 6” (1/12) scale is my prefered scale to collect. You just have to look back at this very list and you’ll see that the majority of the toys I get are in the scale.
It feels great to get an action figure that I had wanted to see made for so long and exactly the way I had wanted it. Now if I could just get 6” figures lines of Back to the Future, Peewee’s Big Adventure, The Big Lebowski, and a figure of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, then my top 5 acture figure wish list would be complete.

That's the list for this month. Below are a few more pictures of this month's toys.


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