Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Samurai Darth Vader Review

An even longer time ago in a galaxy even further away.

Samurai Darth Vader

This figure is based on the classic Star Wars villain Darth Vader but set in feudal era Japanese times.

Package:  The package itself looks great on the outside, with some cool pictures of Samurai Darth Vader.  Sturdy box too with some Star Wars lettering on the inside cover so you'll probably want to keep the box.
Verdict: 10/10

Sculpt:  The figure itself looks awesome.  Very cool reimagining of the classic villain
Verdict: 0/10

Scale:  The figure is about 7 inches tall and stands very well on it's own.
Verdict: 10/10

Paint:  Paint is mostly black all over with some gold, purple and other colors as well.
Verdict: 0/10

Articulation:  Very good articulation.  He can hold a pose without arms slowly dropping over time.
Verdict: 1-/10

Accessories:  Lots of extra hands so you can do a choke hold, force push, or just a plain ol punch in the face.  Also has a reimagined light saber that looks like a katana and one saber without a blade to look like it's stored on his side.  I think what would complete this figure is another head without the mask.
Verdict: 8/10

Cloth Goods:  No cloth on this figure.  Everything is plastic.
Verdict: 0/10

Quality Control:  They did an excellent job with all the small details.  He has lots of little color here and there on his armor.  Everytime you look at the figure you'll notice some other cool feature about it.
Verdict: 10/10

Overall:  I have to say, this figure looks awesome.  I'll definitely be saving up my money to collect the rest and am on the lookout for the Bobafett version and also the storm trooper version as well but that will have to wait for another time.

As a side note, my 4 year old daughter loved this figure as well.  So much so that she wanted to make her own video review and me being the crappy film junkie that I am, we just had to do it. Enjoy folks and may the force be with you!
Final Verdict: 9/10

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