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Asus : Laptop battery

It is important to use a laptop with a good battery. The battery is one of the key elements of your laptop just like its screen. It remains the most essential in terms of power for your laptop.

What are the characteristics of the Asus battery for your laptop?

You must choose your laptop battery according to certain compromises such as autonomy and weight. In addition, the usage of your laptop is also part of the trade-offs. For this, you should opt for a battery adapter for asus laptop. It has more than three hours of working time than a standard battery that lasts two hours.

This is what makes it a powerful battery in terms of excellent autonomy. But be aware, it is a bit bulky and heavy considering its long autonomy.

You have to apply some techniques to choose one. You can follow these four notions to choose a portable PC battery: a voltage expressed in volts; an energy expressed in watt-hour; a good quantity of electricity expressed in amp-hour and finally the energy must be equal to the voltage multiplied by the quantity of electricity.

Some tips for laptop battery use

The majority are the rules of use for all rechargeable batteries. This takes into account chargers and other power supply compositions.

You lost 2 shots and yet:

If your battery is powered by a mains supply, there is no need to remove the battery from your computer.

It is not as important to charge the battery to 100% before a long period without use. Fully charging the battery in this case could have negative impacts on your laptop.

Other usage details directly related to Li-lon technology:

The use of your laptop battery should be below a temperature of 40°C. If you notice that your laptop often heats up, you should use a laptop cooler.

You should always recharge your battery when you notice that it is about to fall below 10% of autonomy.