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Health Care Workers Struggle to Combat New Variants Cases in the United States

The vaccination effort has been taken very seriously by the new White House administration. However, there is a growing cause for concern as the number of cases caused by the new variants continues to experience a surge in numbers. 

Underlying Problem with New Variants of the Virus

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has come out to state the battles it is currently facing with the spread of the B117 variant that was initially discovered in the United Kingdom. The truth is that the nation is not just experiencing cases of this new variant.

As a matter of fact, the director of the health body explained that the first case was first reported in the state of California and the numbers keep increasing at an alarming rate. As of the last count in the United States, the number of infected people with the B117 variant is no less than 1000.

The exponential increase explains how the virus has been able to conveniently mutate and thereby resist the effects of the vaccines.

In other news, the B117 vaccine is not the only variant of the Covid-19 virus that has been reported in the world. Of late, scientists discovered a newer and deadlier variant of the virus in South Africa.

Additionally, another traveler to the South American nation of Brazil has been unfortunately instrumental in the spread of a variant in the nation. This has heavily impacted negatively on the nation as they are seeking viable ways to bring the pandemic to a standstill.

Concerns by the CDC

The CDC director stressed fears that the rising cases of the B117 variant of the virus may become the leading variant of the virus in the United States. The major cause for concern was how the mutation processes triggered by these variants render many of the vaccines ineffective.

Given the large investment in the vaccination program, this will be a huge blow to the economy of the United States and the World at large