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How to save money with digital standardization?

Standardization is one of the main reasons for the success of large companies around the world. This method aims to guarantee the accounting of indicators that describe phenomena in time and space. What are the principles of standardization? What are the conditions for success?

The principles of standardization

Standardizing actions by listing operations consists in favoring and putting into practice the piloting of the serial multiplication of standard models by establishing reference standards. It consists, in a methodology of Lean Manufacturing to list and describe the operations which must be carried out by each person at their workstation. Standardizing work methods also consists of listing the resource and management tools to be used to achieve the results you hope for. Because, it allows you to create more added value and enough profit. You should also know that standardization allows you to better manage your production processes and to better inform your customers. Indeed, it is this digital standard method that Adrian Cheng uses to meet the needs of his customers. There are several digital work software such as: Picomto, which allows you to create any kind of documents that follows the industry standards in a work environment. With this, all your documents are standardized in the same way.

The conditions for success of the digital standard

If you want to have results from standardization, it is crucial to have all the necessary conditions to succeed with this method. These conditions are the following:

Accessibility, readability, and availability of reference documents: the worker must have easy access and understand these documents without difficulty in order to accomplish the tasks assigned to him, in compliance with the standards. The latter must contain clear and brief information, in order to limit errors and explanations.

The standard documents need to be kept alive: this information is not fixed. They can be challenged and improved. You must understand that these modifications must not be erroneous. The digitization of industrial information is a valuable aid to production.

The success of this method requires the contribution of all the actors like: the operator, the agent in charge of the controls and the person in charge of the sites