Wedding dress: some details to know.

The wedding dress is a traditional garment worn by a woman on her wedding day.  Often, several accessories such as long white gloves, hat, veil or bouquet of flowers complete the composition, helping to make the bride beautiful and carrying symbolic values.

The bright wedding dress

Traditionally, the wedding dress should be white, but the result can be kitschy and too flashy.  Immaculate white becomes especially if it is too satiny white.

The solution: Play with shades of white and move away from the flashy style with more matte shades like an ivory or sandy white wedding dress.  How about a pastel version of pink or green?  If your wedding dress is pure white, embellish it with embroidery or accessories in darker tones to tone down the outfit. For more information, to choose a beautiful dress, to organize your wedding in Paris, visit

The 100% lace wedding dress

Noble and delicate, lace creates a romantic look!  But too much lace can be risky and turn into a "chantilly" effect.  The lace remains a detail that can only appear on the sleeves, on the veil or on the neckline.

The solution: If lace must cover the entire dress, choose a shade of sandy or ecru white, not white on white.

A colorful wedding dress

Despite a predominance of white, color is increasingly making an appearance on wedding dresses.  Venturing into colors is a bold choice that can take away the unique charm of the wedding dress.

The solution: To avoid the too much effect and give a discreet touch of color, opt for a satin belt that will highlight your waist and make a reminder of this color on an accessory, or on the bride's bouquet.

The wedding is a great event to be honored by all.

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