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What are the different types of WeChat accounts ?

WeChat is more than just a social network, it is now one of the most used apps by Chinese people for many reasons. WeChat is now the leading social network in Dragon, used by almost the entire digital population in China, and has become a key tool for strategic business in China. Read more about the different types of WeChat accounts.

Personal account

The average internet user first has a personal account, which can be used on a smartphone via the WeChat app. For more information, 
read review. It functions very similarly to advance instant messaging: You can communicate with friends by sending text or audio messages and even video conferencing. It also allows you to receive push content from public accounts. In addition, each user has their own private space called, comparable to a Facebook wall. 

It is possible to share moments from daily life, interesting information from public accounts or follow messages from loved ones, but as mentioned, this is a closed network, your 'moments' can only be seen by those close to the user. On top of all this, there are other features such as globalization, games and, most importantly, the WeChat Pay wallet, which allows you to use virtual loyalty cards, use coupons, order and pay for taxis, shop in stores or online, pay electricity and water bills and so on.

Public account (or public platform)

In contrast to personal accounts, there are public accounts or public platforms, which are equivalent to Facebook pages or ministers. Today, brands in China use them as an indispensable online marketing lever, both on their personal behalf and on behalf of a company or organization. Public accounts allow users to send push messages to their followers or chat with them privately. It is also possible to create customized menus and content on the site. 

Even better: WeChat offers more APIs, and brands can develop their own features. Of course, this type of account can also be managed from a computer. As for users, after signing up for a public account, they can receive and share messages on their snaps or access WeChat pages from this public account to read information or even make purchases. To create a public account for a personal account, one's credentials are required. For brands, company information must be filled in.